THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

happy thanksgiving! I don’t really care about soccer either, but i want Brazil to win because i live there, of course B)

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Happy thansgiving to all
Edit: Anyone thinks that Burgeon is just a troll at this point?

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Oh no, Americans have overtaken the forums again.

I think I’m quite close to arriving at that conclusion, because surely no one is that unaware of how their interactions appear to other people.


Happy Thanksgiving!

to everyone who american, i think its an happy thanksgiving!

luckily, I not an American soo I will watch from afar


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I’m Canadian; thanksgiving was in october.

What did he do? I saw a bit of his arguing in the slavery thread and thought it was strange at first sight, but didn’t pay much attention to it. Also, why bring back the subject of his personality? Did he come back recently?

He did stuff with Underwater Civs that originally got it closed. Then there was the slavery thread stuff, and now a little bit in space whales but mostly stuff in the ‘line for what not to include thread’, he argued against three developers about the necessity of adding visible genitals to the game

Now, I’m oversimplifying it, and Burgeon did make some semi-valid points. However, he did not know when it was time stop the arguement, and that resulted in his third suspension


Don’t worry, I’m no American, just wishing a happy thaksgiving to the Americans.

Cool Minecraft area:
Version: 1.19.2
Seed: 112233445566
Location: -1178, 97, -6319
Description: A coast-side desert with badlands deeper inland. Picturesc. The area also contain spacious, crazy caves.
Photos of the area:

Thanksgiving Fun fact

The Thanksgiving we Americans celebrate is actually the third Thanksgiving to take place.

The second was by another group of English colonists in Virginia, but they were looking for gold not Freedom.

The first thanksgiving wasn’t even Americans/English colonists at all, but rather held by the Spanish in what is now Florida.

The reason Americans celebrate the third one and not either of the others was decided by Abraham Lincoln, not the first because it wasn’t held by those who would become the Americans and not the second because gold isn’t as idealistic as freedom.

About a week ago I found a Minecraft seed on pocket edition that spawned a village in with two blacksmiths, 9 diamonds total. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the first chest with two diamonds, much less when I opened the other chest that had seven


I’ve only played such a game this summer, but I found a cool challenge that I call a Try Hard Biome challenge. You generate a world with a single biome, which was a mushroom island for me, and must finish the game. What’s good with that biome is that there aren’t any monsters safe for dungeons and spawners, but also phantoms because you can’t sleep since you can’t craft a bed without any sheeps around. The real challenge is to find wood. To help myself, I enabled the bonus chest at the beginning to give myself enough wood to start with. Then, I allowed myself after too much searching for a mine shaft (only source of wood) to regenerate the world into creative and find the mineshafts. After taking enough wood and finding dungeons, I went to the Nether and then I stopped playing out of boredom.

Did he insult anyone like Kiki and Rednascar?

I don’t believe he did, though I could have just missed it. For the most recent suspension reasoning, check out this thread;

Making a Line For What Content Not to Include

God… I remember reading this thread… I knew from the start in which direction it was going to eventually go, but then he joined in and it gradually became a crazy fever dream… I remember being just like: “wait… WTB???”… It was so weird… :sob:

Once I was playing a copy of Minecraft on my phone (It’s called craftsman, by the way) and, just for fun, I seeded “UwU” in an old world. That was a nice seed.

What does it mean??? I’m kind of confused.

It forms a face, that’s why people usually use it I think

I know that but… What does he mean by saying that he seeded it in an old world? What does he mean by “seeding”?

stupid autocorrect I meant that I put the seed equivalent to the word UwU

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Oh! Ok. :+1:

note to self:
maybe setting the auto evo rate to 5 was a terrible mistake.

also i have organell costs 1.5x soo…