THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

belgium it’s works

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You can also use <s></s> to make crossed out text!

I think you just do this for strikethrough;

(Two ~ on either side of crossed out section.)

A new rule has been added to the list of forum rules:

If your arguments keep getting shutdown with really basic replies, do not come up with more very weak points that are super easy to disprove, you are just wasting everyone’s time and sanity

Edit: I also updated the #science category description to say that discussions need to be based on real science there, not crazy speculation that has no basis.


I translated about half of the launcher to polish already… I don’t think I’ll beat the Turkish person/people to be the first to fully translate the launcher…


18 posts were split to a new topic: Among Us (very sus)

Yours fits your pfp.

It’d be better if the longer the post, the higher the hat is above your pfp. It was an old bug that has been fixed unfortunately.

“I love Texas!”

The future is a very long past.

75 new posts… I hope the thread won’t be finished by the time my term is complete. I don’t want to miss the chance on posting the last post!

This forum is now my main source of entertainment, it’s fun here


this forum has definitely developed an odd culture inside of it for a forum about a game that’s not even out yet.
and i am proud to have contributed to it!


But… But the game is out

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@hayjinalinfa Buckly needs to be banned for spreading false information.

Just finished skimming through a bunch of stuff from the TU, and it’s actually really cool. It’s given me a more full understanding of what people meant when they talked about making a new kind of TU with forum game stuff.

(No I wasn’t skimming through to look for ideas to steal for my forum game what are you talking about shhhh)

This is Gus, he’s my baby guinea pig.

I’ve been reading on the old forum and about Thrive’s history, and I wonder what the people who said Thrive would never get anywhere would think when they see the game now.


I just realized that it was my school’s midterm exams that made me anxious.

g u s


i have a christmas hat =D


Why is pennywise currently shown as this spider god from 1 bya? I think they just were scary clown last time. When they became god?

He was always a shape shifting god of fear in the book.

Is there any way to get more daily likes, or do I just need to wait?

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As you grow in trust levels, you can gain more likes.

Above member is being a regular, which can happen at the beginning of a month if you are liked enough, have given enough likes, have read enough posts, and have made enough posts over the course of the previous month as a member iirc. Then you get about 50 likes a day I think.

To get a higher amount of likes than that, you would have to be promoted by one of the moderators