THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 2)

@Nigel how do semiconductors work?


(why am i feeling a sense of deja vu here…)

well, you see, the semi in semi conductors means half, and the conductor in this sense means that it is a material that transmits heat, electricity, or somethin else.
So, its only logical to conclude that a semiconductor can conduct things, but not as well or reliable as a conductor.

It seems like otters still doesn’t know what semiconductors are

…well…i had a second guess if this one failed which was kinda like the definition of a semi conductor

In defence of otters, they aren’t fully sapient. (No offence.)

In other news, Godot 4.1 release is planned for the end of June! (Someone may have already mentioned this, but I couldn’t find a reference for it.)

@PrussicAcid Welcome to the forums. :wave:

Please don’t put offtopic posts in the questions for the stream thread.

The place is quieter than usual today. It seems to be inactive
I’m going to get her back one way or another


They’re called as such because the material that we use to craft them are elements from the periodic table called semiconductors (or metalloids). This includes carbon, I think.

Me too…

disturbance is qu

Is it possible to download all my messages? Like is there somewhere an option to export all my messages to some archive and download it?

Nice. What would also be nice is the PR to backport ZipReader to Godot 3 to be accepted before 3.6 is released.

Disturbance is quickbasic.

I think the data dump you can download if you go to your profile and press the button under “Export your data” should contain all your posts as posts are “account activity”.

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Thanks. It seems it contains quite a bit of data. My searches, what topics I wrote and read, whose profiles I looked at, when did I give and receive likes, what links I clicked, etc. However it doesn’t contain the actual contents of the posts mentioned, but only the links to them. Is there an easy way to back them up offline?

I’d guess you’d need a script that downloads the post content…

The plugin (Legal Tools Plugin - plugin - Discourse Meta) that adds that download feature has not been the most active in terms of development but there’s a chance if asked that the plugin would be updated to also include the post contents. Though, did you very thoroughly check the downloaded data? Because last time I tried that plugin I think it did include the post data but the csv was super wide so it took a bit of scrolling to find it.

It does include post data but only gives their URL. I searched in the document for words that I know I used at least once in a post, but didn’t find anything. I guess I could write a script.

post_raw and post_cooked columns should have the post contents. Maybe the plugin is actually broken right now with some discourse update? If so reporting it to that thread for the plugin might be a very good idea.

I decided to ruin the description of thrive with Google Translate

Description (unaltered)

From the lowly tidepools of your home planet, you will rise to cosmic dominance. At every step, powerful creation tools and deep simulation mechanics will aid your species’ development. Revolutionary Games is the open-source team of dedicated volunteers aiming to make Thrive a reality.

Our team seeks to accomplish two major goals: create engaging, compelling gameplay that respects our players’ intelligence, and remain as accurate as possible in our depiction of known scientific theory without compromising the former.

Thrive will encapsulate the player in the wonders of science and the universe, allowing them to manipulate the virtual world around them with editors to modify technology, culture, organisms, and entire solar systems. Seven stages are planned – Microbe, Multicellular, Aware, Awakening, Society, Industrial and Space – though for the moment we’re only focusing on the first of these, as the whole project is a massive undertaking.

Thrive takes many games as inspiration, from roguelikes to grand strategy games, but we plan on walking our own path with many game mechanics. Don’t expect a clone.

We aim to explore the possibilities of simulation within a game context, pitting the player against the game environment as they wield the forces of evolution. Players will create and edit an organism on its journey from insignificance to the stars, using multiple creation tools to rise above their adversaries, themselves products of evolution by natural selection in the wider game ecosystem.

By collecting substances from the environment and processing them with a simulated metabolism, you can increase your species’ fitness rating, building resistance against extinction. Less successful evolutionary paths will vanish, and only one may progress through every crucial transformative step towards cell cohesion, terrestrial conquest, sentience, settlements, and space travel. Will you thrive?

Description (ruined almost beyond recognition)

Make your beach the best place in the world! Powerful tools and easy-to-use technology. It changes the game.

Our team has two main goals. This is a fun and unique game that offers players a unique experience.

Sports Science and Natural Science. Technical knowledge can change society and the world. The full text consists of seven parts: the text; because of things; global Internet activities.

There are many games, but I decided to focus on others. not me

The goal is to influence athletes through competition. They make slime and stuff. An overview of chemical reactions in evolution and natural selection

Increase biomass and productivity by burning fossil fuels. A free people is a government. Only man can give life and heaven to others. Want to continue?


so true

vote to make thrive a beach tycoon instead of an evolution simulator