THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 2)



It’s not.

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why hasnt the thrive dev wiki been updated in so long? where are the picutres of the new stage prototypes?

It’s been recently updated a ton, as pages for all organelles have been added. Those pages will be in the next release as Thriveopedia content.

It would be inside knowledge, never to be shared with new forum users.

Whenever someone joins just spam their posts with otter emojis and never explain why.

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By the way, I edited my post on Quick Question Thread - #1996 by C009 because I don’t whether it is ok to double post on threads of that kind.

You mean “as a ton of pages”, right?

I don’t think that’s what I meant. I added a comma for clarity.

Editing the last post of a thread bumps it up on the list of recent threads.

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Yeah, I think I noticed it some time ago but I forgo how exactly it worked.

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I wonder if this was the big Valve announcement for now:

Nooooooo, impossible! There shall be the Deckard!

There was a Deck but not a Deckard lmao

EDIT: huh the Japanese version is orange instead of being red like in NA. Is that a reference to the Japanese version of the Gamecube?

i got sick, pretty sure it was from buying candy at the dollar store.

After watching Linus Tech Tips video on the OLED Steam Deck it seems like it took all the codenames that had been floating around. Also that explains why Valve had been submitting HDR work for Linux in the recent past: they had been working on the OLED Steam Deck which needs HDR to really work well.

What codename? Certainly not the Deckard. Not even Galileo as Galileo is a product name and not a codename.

The first 30 seconds or so of this video:

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That’s just a hardware revision. I’m still going to buy the Limited Edition since I’m a collector of Valve Devices (MY WALLET!!!).

Anyway, while Sephiroth and Korea Radio Certification do fit with the Steam Deck OLED, that still doesn’t explain what the Deckard/Galileo is.

I can’t come up with any cool ideas on what to put as my profile picture… Any suggestions?

There will be a new page for each individual organelle in the microbe stage that features information on what it does, how best to use it, and how it works in reality.

As of now, only about 6 of them have been filled out. I’ve been slowly filling them in one page at a time whenever I find myself lacking things to do (Almost never :frowning:), so it’s possible not all of them will be completed by the time of release, but I am hoping to get atleast most done by then.

I’ve also been doing a little cleaning up on our articles, especially the microbe stage game design document.