THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread

(When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Shove the lemons down the throats of your enemies.) #1808

what are those programs you use?

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(OrganismOverlord) #1809

MaptoGlobe and GoogleDrawings


0.4.1 is closing in and the release candidate is now available: 0.4.1 Release Candidate testing

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(He who abuses the search function) #1811

I got bored

(𝒦𝒾𝓃𝑔 π‘œπ’» π’―π’½π’Ύπ“ƒπ‘”π“ˆ) #1812

Nice getting top comment on a video that only has a couple thousand views.

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(The Third Duke of Silly) #1813

It’s a shame that this thread died. It could’ve lead to some cool ideas, but alas, it is now in the ever-expanding graveyard of threads.

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("Belgium isotope" "Achievement hunter" "King of badcalls" "File handler" "Github complainer" "Title crisis") #1814

It’s the necropolis… .

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(Untrustedlife) #1815

to be fair, the stuff i said i wanted at the beginning of the thread, aside from tunneling, did in fact make it in, exactly as i explained it.

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(𝒦𝒾𝓃𝑔 π‘œπ’» π’―π’½π’Ύπ“ƒπ‘”π“ˆ) #1816

@questkitty Decided to make this for you, so you have a profile picture that is a tiny bit less bland? image
also, should i make a transparent version or no?

(The Third Duke of Silly) #1817

Fair enough.
where the heccu my funky organelle at tho

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(Steve) #1818

So for the thrive faction, what would it be called?
The Thrive -

  • Technocracy
  • Empire
  • Imperium
  • Order
  • Republic
  • Federation
  • Union

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Or something else?

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(Ostara) #1819

Order all the way. But empire is def a close second

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(Steve) #1820

I’m beginning to feel like splitting the vote with Empire and Imperium was a mistake so I’ll add them together and if they win then the one with the most is the title.

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(π“π‘πž 𝐆𝐨𝐝 π„π¦π©πžπ«π¨π« 𝐨𝐟 π’πžπšπŸπ¨π¨π) #1821

I much prefer the sound of the Thrive Empire or the Imperium of Thrive

(Steve) #1822

Purge the xeno’s brother?

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(Steve) #1823

I don’t know when to take the results as final. Maybe Now? Idk.

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(𝒦𝒾𝓃𝑔 π‘œπ’» π’―π’½π’Ύπ“ƒπ‘”π“ˆ) #1824

May i ask why my most hearted post is just a fancy greeting to a new user? I am not complaining, i just find it a bit odd that this is the thing that i do to get tons of hearts.

(Ostara) #1825

lol, looks like ya just tied it.

edit: scratch that, passed it.

(The Third Duke of Silly) #1826

Aha! Not anymore, you smelly goose!

Edit: Oh god, Quantum’s liking my posts for cheap lounge points again. Send help.

(𝒦𝒾𝓃𝑔 π‘œπ’» π’―π’½π’Ύπ“ƒπ‘”π“ˆ) #1827

Now watch as i get absolutely minimal hearts this time.