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mass genocide in spore is surely the best way to thrive

I agree. It is so funny to watch as your street gang of creatures murders some helpless social animals that can’t do anything to stop you

Once I get to civ stage though, I’d rather settle things either financially or diplomatically, because razing entire cities with 36 laser planes isn’t as fun as trying to maintain diplomatic relations, sending waves after waves of religious propaganda vehicles and trying to ally as many countries as possible before they get consumed by the ruthless military AI.

I usually just buy out all the cities. And if they hate me, kill’em

(I deleted the previous post because I accidentally voted)
Hey, I’m thinking it might be time to change my pfp, but I’m hesitant. So I thought, ask the community! Here are the choices:

Reference images

42%20PM 05%20PM 37%20PM

  • Don’t change, you fool!
  • High Bean
  • Sheev Palpatine

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EDIT: Ah, dang I forgot to make the vote public so I can’t see who voted. Not that it matters, I’m just curious about people’s preferences.

EDIT 2: I don’t know how long I’m supposed to keep these up, but since it’s a tie, I’ll wait until tomorrow before closing the poll.

EDIT 3: Time’s up! The populace has spoken, and they demand Sheev Palpatine! It’s time to say goodbye to bootleg Draco, and hello to your favourite Sith lord!

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This isn’t really a bug, but I placed chromatophore on a cytoplasm, but when I pressed undo, the cytoplasm disappeared.

I had a question in mind that randomly popped up. Do people in the Southern hemisphere have their end of school vacation in the winter, where it would be summer break for the north hemisphere, or do they have their own summer break?

I think this counts as a bug. Do you have exact steps to recreate it?

I just placed an organelle on the cytoplasm, hit the undo button, but when I hit the undo button the cytoplasm wasn’t there.

Wait, what? I don’t fully understand the question, but here in Australia, The autumn, winter and spring holidays are all 2 weeks, but the summer one is 6-7 weeks.

I was just wondering if it was the same as, for example, North America, where we get a 2-3 month break for our summer.

edit: just realized you answered my question. Thanks anyways!

Looking at the code I found that there was already a comment saying TODO: this doesn't restore cytoplasm so I opened an issue:


Yay! We get textures. It’ll be a lot easier to do symmetrical designs

Oh hey, I accidentally clicked your profile and realized you changed locations, you sneaky oof.

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Oh you noticed!cool!


People have noticed. What do we do?
Nothing, they will never suspect a thing

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Should the shout box become the misc thread?

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Why should it? What would be the benefit?
I think this is fine as is.

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There are different reasoms for both. The misc thread is for actual conversation, the shoutbox mostly for containing spam and making it sure it does not infect the rest of the forum.