THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread

There’s so many possibilities that I’m not sure what would be more likely. Also, what is Terran Manifest Destiny?

Update: I went to see what the Federation from Star Trek was all about and it’s AWESOME!

Who was that? Rednascar11 or KikyGames?

Poor hhyyrylainen, I wish there were more active programmers… One could only imagine the progress that would have been made with more active programmers.

What are the tick rates? It seems to be a common thing in game engines since I’ve heard that term on Source engine games (“Counter-Strike: Source” for instance). What are they and why do some players complain about it?

Manifest Destiny for American’s was their divine right to expand west. Terran Manifest Destiny would be a “it’s our right to rule the galaxy” mindset, aka we would deem all other forms of life inferior and conquer every alien race we could while aggresively expanding our borders.

Oh! Profanity! (ah, damn 20 character limit… [Don’t say that @blackjacksike!])

Rip Racism and Sexism in Thrive thread.

From now on, I’m not going politics! As Geralt of Rivia once said, “I hate politics.”

i thought today was saturday and was going to ask why there was no progress update.

Well, now you have it! Hey, anyone saw the new Scream Fortress update for TF2? What do ya all think about it? I personally think they should’ve fixed the “Sackston Hale” achievement.

Thoughts on the Total War franchise:

  • Amazing
  • Pretty good
  • Could be better
  • Bad
  • Very bad

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Can’t answer, never played it. The only RTS I play is Age of Mythology.


Most people don’t seem to admit to playing that game, glad I’m not the only one.
You should get a total war game, right now I’m doing Rome 2 which is notorious but there are overhaul mods that make the game really good (fix all the bugs and make the AI actually good).

2 “could be betters”. Hm
I’m a bit curious about that, the games themselves are pretty good when you don’t look at DLC’s (or is it the greed that made that score).

I think it’s fun to think about how, excuse my language, badshit crazy humans are. Any other intelligent organism on earth probably wouldn’t make a holiday of scaring off spirits, even if they did have the capability to… except for dolphins, dolphins are head cases.

Hey, the 0.4.3 is 23% complete! Plus, the new UI is done! Yeah!

The programming team issue makes me think about the beginning of XCOM 2. One whole month of cleaning the Avenger slots with only 2 engineers… oof!

*double post

After the bug reports I have seen, I dont think I will be able to play Thrive due to the fact I am using Intel graphics.

What is with the obsession with making human shaped mechs/robots. The human body shape is so bad for war. I find a far better shape for robots/mechs to take would be insect like, many sharp legs designed to penetrate (and grapple into) the ground allowing for not just horizontal but vertical movement on terrain. Maybe make walking artillery that can walk itself into a superior firing spot on a mountain. Or create the centipede train idea I shared in order to move large amounts of equipment through areas where tacks and other infrastructure are destroyed.


We just want something to relate to while we’re being shot to death on the battlefield.


Anyway, I’m going to continue my game on XCOM 2.

I really want a debate thread just cause I love debating stuff but we just need to keep it civilized. Would it be alright if I made one and we see if it can live more than a week (or day)?

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I feel like the ratio of people who are able to seriously debate compared to people who would not be able to debate in a civilized manner, is way too low for such a thing to work.