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I’m boycotting Blizzard by being too poor to afford their games


Step one: learn graphics programming, C++, and gain experience working on big existing systems. This should take just a couple of years.
Step two: help us by fixing this issue:

Alternative step one: motivate someone with the skills to fix the issue.


i meant how to fix the problem. like maybe changing a certain seting?

There is no fix. The game crashes within the intel graphics driver on startup. Unless you are a software developer there is nothing you can do about that.

We need a software… engineer!

What does “post filler” mean, @zenzonegaming?

There is a minimum length for posts. Some people add text complaining about the limit in order to make their post long enough to post.
Even though the rules say, you should not add such a filler. Instead you should think of something else to add to your post.

oh! I thought “filler” was a reference to mangas or tv shows when there’s a cliffhanger at the end of an episode but the next episode is about the backstory of a character because the writers didn’t prepare what would follow the story.

Thanks for the definition

Also, what’s Thrive Universe?

EDIT: 2700th post, yeah!

the TU is a fictional universe made by the fans for their own creations related to thrive, ranging from technology and civilizations, to planets and animals.

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Oh, I have a really good idea! Mwahahahahaha! :smiling_imp:

well, we’re doomed. it’s confirmed, humans will go extinct now.

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What do you mean @TeaKing?

I’m talking about this. especially the :smiling_imp:

Oh no, my plan isn’t about that.

1 question, Cats, or Dogs?

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • both

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It depends which context. For all I know you’re asking which one you’d rather get murdered by.

We are honored!
For Thrive!
For the underwater civs!

smeltal meltal!


Apparently, I’m not connected. I’m a ninja double-poster.


Someone wanted to see what the spam looks like. Just got a new spam post so I can share it with you: