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Oh, I thought you were talking about the pfp.

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nothing new happened in a while, i’m soooo bored.

It says I am sentient, even though I have 150 posts and it only takes 100 to become aware.

It takes topics created by you into account too.

Then how many do you need?

I think there was a thread about it in #meta. It’s named Thrive Rankings or something like that.

yeah you were right, I was scrolling through this thread and saw a chart near the beginning, and apparently aware and sentient were mixed around

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Today, I heard separatists talking separatism. As usual, my reaction was, “Pish-posh.” They were saying they were completely rational, though they couldn’t give any rational argument supporting their opinion as their “arguments” weren’t supporting their opinion at all. When will they understand that there is no reason to get separated?

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What kind of separatists? There are a lot of people who want to break off from other people in the world, so which ones?

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Quebec separatists. They want to get separated because… they want to. They say plenty of things to justify themselves, but their “arguments” don’t always have anything in common and just don’t really justify their opinion. I know that Quebec is a bit more different than other provinces because of its french majority, which I’m part of, but it doesn’t mean that it should be separated.
As I see it, separatism just leads to even more conflicts than there already are. I only agree with separatism when it’s for defending democracy (e.g. Hong Kong). Since Canada is already a democracy, I don’t see the use in it.
There are approximately 196 states. I don’t want to see even more of them popping in the list. I just don’t want the World to become even more chaotic than it already is.
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since there is a lot of talk about separation, I’ll say this:

“The only separation I care about is between state and religion.”-le me

I hope this isn’t controversial.


I am officially a misc king, yay yay yaaay!


Maybe yes, maybe not.

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I’m getting hyped for world federalism. Although it’s politics, I want to imagine collectively (i.e. with other forum users; you guys) how could a world federation be formed and what it would look like. Should I create a thread about it?


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Nope. Not a thing. You aren’t making it a thing. I oppose the mere thought of such an idea.

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Wait, were you talking to me or to TeaKing?

Do you not see the bubble directed at TeaKing? Or is it a glitch?

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Yeah, I see it. Sorry, your reply could have been very well an answer to my previous post. It would fit the situation here.

i’m making it, and you can’t stop me! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

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Anyway, hum, should I still make it (look at my previous posts)?

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