THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread

I swear when I ascend I’m gonna return here and vote


That’s probably a new feature. I haven’t noticed that when making polls before.

A bit weird that people can create polls that they can’t vote in, but there doesn’t seem to be an option in discourse to enforce such a thing.

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Speaking of discourse, I noticed using [justify] function in shoutbox doesn’t work anymore.

As I’m writing, I’m noticing that’s the WHOLE DISCOURSE FORUM THAT CAN’T USE JUSTIFY.

There’s no way to make the text look better now. Damn! It must be fixed!

There’s no formatting anymore! What happened?

I still have yet to make it to Spacefaring, darn it, I haven’t been active on the forums lately.

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Nobody has made it to Ascended yet.

I guess it was removed in the latest discourse updates but I couldn’t find any discussion about it.

To be honest, there was no reason to remove it. Now, all my previous posts look disorganized.

Dang it! Discourse, why are you doing this?

EDIT: Even this ( doesn’t work!

From that page you linked:
"The align attribute of <p> is not supported in HTML5. Use CSS instead."
I don’t think that’s discourses fault.

Btw have you thought of asking on why justify was removed?

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Does the Milky Way’s galactic center produce any energy? If so, how much energy?

AFAIK the center is a massive black hole that emits a ton of radiation when it consumes matter.

Are there any threads that discuss how interstellar empires will work in Thrive?

I don’t remember there being one and I couldn’t find one with a quick search. There is probably some kind of related discussion in the FTL threads.

I just did.


Turns out that the formatting toolbar plugin just happened to have a broken version available when I last updated it. I just updated it again and it seems to be working now. You might to do a refresh with cache disabled if the buttons don’t show up right away.

Now I can FORMAT MY TEXTS again
It is working now. It is working now.It is working now.It is working now.It is working now.It is working now.It is working now.It is working now.It is working now.It is working now.It is working now.It is working now.It is working now.It is working now.It is working now.It is working now.It is working now.It is working now.It is working now.

Thank you, Engineer!

looking up because you let me down

looking right because you left me

looking forward because you didn’t have my back

looking left because you didn’t treat me right
Ah @RoboRomb, I see you have unlocked achievements on HL2: Update. I have too, but we’ll see who gets them all first. hehehe

By the way, have you looked at Black Mesa?

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My friend and I are both interested in game design and someone set up a studio in our home town. The thing that’s causing problems for us is that we believe that the current project being worked on is a horrible idea. They are currently making a first person shooter MOBILE game that runs on unreal engine. My friend and I aren’t crazy about thinking this is a bad idea right?

You might be surprised how not terrible their idea is. Pubg and fortnite are very popular nad making big bucks on mobile. Especially in asian markets mobile gaming is big, including shooters. Well I guess most of them are third person shooters with aiming down sights being in first person.