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Is there a hidden emoji here or something

What is happening
I saw the same thing happen to a lounge thread (don’t ask what the lounge is)

@Gotor do you use mobile

it’s definitely not a secret emoji but something weird that happening to the laughing emote

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Don’t speak of it. It’s secret!

I mean the lounge.


It happens to me only a few times when if i translate the page
but it seems that works 100% times with him

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Yes. Simple mobile. I know, that’s the translator. But i didn’t leave it…

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Now i can do it again. If you want


I did it! (prosperar and raiva) lol

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Stop WHAT?

And again stop. “Pensando” isn’t mine…
Is it Portuguese? Or Spanish? I think, the first
You are from Brazil, right?

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Did it again! :pensando:

Portuguese? Right? Brazil?

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Yes, you didnt know i was brazilian? What a sherlock :laughing:

Really? I simply thought about countries with Portuguese on America continents. The first country, have came on mind was Brazil… Wow.

Oh my gosh, he knows he’s a brazilian, tomorrow he will reveal what’s the exact place everyone here lives.

Now i need to wait 4 hours before reacting as ive perfomed it too much times

guess why

Because you did it many times, right?)

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I was going to react but i cant react
LordLovat reacted with :+1:

LordLovat reacted with : thrive :

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LordLovat reacted with : laughing :

You can quote reacts you know? Try it!

LordLovat reacted with :man_facepalming:
ok stopping now

Spanish? Ending is Spanish, i suppose