THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread

why not the very lovely copper golem? it is basically a living randomiser lol
would be pretty useful
copper golem also comes with copper buttons, and it can turn into a statue

cop golem is wat im voting 4

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I’ve received an email about signing the CLA, should I do it even if I just translated the game?

do you ever wonder how much better it would be if every role in avengers endgame was played by Rowan Atkinson?

or how amazing it would have been if every role in harry potter was played by Rowan Atkinson?

or if the producers just said f it and cast EVERY role in existence as Rowan Atkinson?!

run now while you still can

avatar bean


My god that’s terrifying. Noice.

Hey, last devbuild I tested had a peculiar bug. I couldn’t convert hydrogen sulfide into glucose.

Not really the right place to mention in system requirements testing. I don’t remember us having a thread for any general devbuild bugs, so I moved these here.

I can’t get this problem to happen, playing the latest master branch version (which has a couple of PRs more than the latest devbuild):

Can produce glucose just fine:

No, if you just did translations through Weblate you don’t have to sign the CLA, as you already agreed to MIT-0 licensing your work. And that’s good enough. I used a tool that couldn’t differentiate between people whose code had been removed from the game by later changes from people who only contributed to translation files. So some people who didn’t really need to sign, got that email.
It doesn’t hurt to sign anyway.

No meme posting please, especially if you upload all the images to the forums, so now those will take up storage here.

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Spoke too soon.

okay i won’t do that again.

What you mean by thinned out j’s?

What do you mean by “What you mean by thinned out j’s?”


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You are the only one that see’s it like that


A while ago, I put up the instructions for joining the revolutionary games association on our website. And so far no one who isn’t on the dev team has joined. Is there a reason why you guys don’t want to join? I think it would be better if we got more people who are very interested in Thrive joining.

my name is a mystery that i have not yet solved so i can’t join

Is there a reason why we should want to join?

Well having more people means that for example if someone wants to troll the project by getting their friend group to join and then vote on nonsensical stuff, they are less likely to succeed. So overall it makes sure that you get to vote on the important association decisions. And for me it gives me peace of mind if more really enthusiastic people about Thrive join.


Life, coding, politics, ect

what nonsensical stuff?
i don’t understand why nonsensical stuff would even be on the voting board if its obviously nonsensical.