THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread

“Thrive is not the place for political discussions of the real world. If you absolutely must have a political debate, do it via private message”
Also are you sure it’s not because you are essentially creating a private thread for memes that only a certain few of people can see?

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This is exactly it. As a bonus memes uploaded to the forums take up a ton more space than even like a hundred normal messages.

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May I ask how big the forum is (data wise)? 1TB?

It’s nowhere near that large, about a few gigabytes + all the uploads are a few gigabytes in total. But all of that storage permanently costs money each month based on the total amount of data + backups.

My bad.

What’s embedded programming?

When you write code that directly runs on microcontrollers. You often don’t even have an operating system. So literally the only thing running on that processor is the code you compiled and uploaded to it. Arduino is a popular development platform for embedded stuff.

I am stuck on the bridge between death and life. I want to return to the cold of the void, yet I long for the warmth of the light.


What happened to your profile picture?

wrong thread?

Oof. I’m dumb. Sorry about that, all.

The image size is 0 bytes for some reason. Even clearing CDN cache or loading it directly from this website, still doesn’t work. The image file just seems broken. I think this was the case also last time RoboRomb posted. I’ve been waiting for them to upload a new avatar to see if that would then work correctly.

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to me it even show the broken file icon

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Strange as I’ve seen his true pfp in @PositiveTower’s reply. Looks like some kind of boy with a hoodie. Drawn on a paper.

Different sizes for the avatars are actually different files. So seeing the small avatar icon working has no relation to the full size one not working.

Corrupted upload to the server?

Let me upload something else, then. That might work.

Edit: There, how’s that?

it works on my end!

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Works for me too now! Phantom pfp may be over.

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¡Excelente! ¡Muy bien!

What flag is this?