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The only real way to play ‘without reflexes’ is with turn-based games. Even RTSes (like supreme commander, I haven’t watched the entire video, yet I don’t see what’s different from something like Starcraft in that regard) require reflexes. For example, your can attack someone from a certain angle, and then mid-attack attack somewhere else too. The ‘victim’ would then need to respond fast enough where they can gauge your second attacking force, and then attack with an appropriate force. Also, you’ll need to control your troops in such a way that they’ll attack the best current target, which requires some ridiculously fast thinking. (See: Starcraft pros)

The only esports games I know which don’t require reflexes are, as I said before, turn-based games, of which the only game I know which is near esports level of popularity is Hearthstone. I’d like to see an XCOM sequel with proper multiplayer that isn’t unplayably buggy.

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It’s true that there is a certain amount of responding quickly to what your opponent is doing, needed. Though, in StarCraft (I’ve watched quite a bit of competitive StarCraft recently as a Finnish player was doing really well) you need to do a lot of drops / harassment to hinder your opponent, while at the same time you need to also quickly react to your opponent’s harassment. And in the later game once you have maxed out your army, one battle where you micro your units incorrectly, can cost you the game. This is completely different to supcom where you crank out units on repeat like there is no tomorrow, and the game ending units move slowly and they can be countered if you scouted well (and scouting is much different in supcom as you can keep doing it late into the game with minimal resource usage). So the feel as a spectator (I’ve only played supcom) is that the games are totally different, StarCraft is about managing 30 units very well and looking for that one good battle that lets you then roll over your opponent, supcom is much slower pace in that you have like 200 units in groups of 50 around the battlefield and you try to slowly push through your opponent’s similar lines. That’s the early game in supcom, later in the game you put a ton of resources into very powerful single units (if you haven’t managed to break your opponent’s position) in order to achieve the breakthrough and start winning, but even after that point it may take more than 10 minutes for you to finally win (it’s very rare in the supcom games I’ve seen for people to type “gg” and quit). This isn’t completely wasted as a surprise snipe can still lose you the game if you aren’t protecting your commander.

In supcom you can zoom out the game so that you see the entire battlefield and you can easily select your different groups of units and control them. In StarCraft you need to jump your view around a ton and you need to hotkey all your buildings and unit groups to be effective.
Also, as I said earlier it’s very uncommon for a single attack in supcom to achieve much, so it doesn’t really need super fast response, other than snipes, where you need a lot of situational awareness to control your commander to not lose.

For reference here is how a pretty good supcom player plays:

That’s a modded game, you usually start with a single commander instead of four, and that’s a modded gamemode, phantom.

But you can see, there is no need to do crazy hotkey setups, and no need for a ton of APM.
That isn’t a very representative game, but the grand scale of the game makes it so that you don’t need to respond very fast.

Edit: here’s a recent StarCraft game for comparison:

At 3:40 the early game harass leads to a victory (of the first game)

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I love Supreme Commander. The only other games that I know like it is ashes of the singularity (a computer killer). There is also Planetary Annihilation which I would recommend looking at.

I feel sick.

Details for gross people

Symptoms include, but are not limited to aching stomach and frequent diarrhea.

So Stellaris has synth music but something I’ve wanted is dynamic music. When you are at peace the normal music is running but when you are at war the music list changes to dark synth to suite the combat and mass genocide to ensue.

Thrive already has a bunch of themes for different situations, stages, environments, and government types. The only stage that doesn’t seem to have dynamic music planned is microbe.
You can check out all of the sick Thrive beats on Oliver Lugg’s YouTube channel:

Anyone else weirded out by science more or less becoming it’s own religion? I mean some could say I have faith in science since I’m throwing all my chips in science stopping aging before I die.

I’m only slightly scared about the fact that people try to present science as a religion, when it is a completely different ball game. By doing that mental gymnastics I fear that people will entrench themselves further in views that are not based on actual evidence.

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I wouldn’t mind building a shrine to please the great Stephen Hawking.


Has anyone played katana zero? If so what do you think of it?

Modern Public: Aliens can come is all shapes
Star Trek Next Generation: Progenitors found no intelligent life so they seeded their DNA into developing worlds so they would evolve intelligent humanoids. There we explained why most intelligent life is humanoid and can breed with each other.

This isn’t really relevant to anything… at all. But I wanted to share how :belgium:ing horrible this acting is and how neither of them know what they’re talking about and it just made me pissed at how the managed to use THE WRONG DEFINITION FOR “AKIN” LIKE :belgium:ING HOW DO YOU DO THAT

anyway have a good day

…why were you watching ASMR about an Area 51 raid in the first place?

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The auto-play function works in mysterious ways…

Not a question, please don’t sue

Did you know that digested goldfish look like digested tomatoes?

I’m pretty sure digested anything looks like digested tomato, but I’m no expert.

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Only thing that looks different digested are Fruit Loops, BOY does that change the color of your droppings…

And corn, well… Corn doesn’t look any different when digested.

That is a question. Guess I’ll have to sue you now.


Speaking of macs, I was just watching this video:

(It should start at the part with some macs being banned on flights)
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