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I don’t care. I’m immune to memetic agent and I do what I want. *thuglife :sunglasses:

I’ve always wondered about morality. It seems that a lot of people operate under a “the ends don’t justify the means” approach while I am on the other end of that. Maybe a lot more people believe that ends do justify means but in open conversation and media it REALLY seems one sided on the number of people that believe it doesn’t.

I don’t believe the ends don’t justify the means, but I believe the ends don’t ALWAYS justify the means.


Morality is subjective and differs between individuals. Thus, people can believe whatever they want, but ethics are the values of society, so your morality shouldn’t clash between “society’s ideal view”, but as long as you keep it to yourself and don’t act on your controversial morals, society doesn’t mind that you think eating babies is OK, as long as you don’t start eating babies.


I follow a system of absolute pragmatism, simply I only care about efficiency, scientific advancement and the preservation of the planet. My morals are completely derived from these and as such, many people think that I am very unethical. But to me the only ethics that exist are the one that keep society together (no random acts of violence and such). Everything else is simply up for moral interpretation. To me if it impedes progress then it is a liability to the human race.

Imma just say one example: Abortion, most of the debate seems to be around rights. My reason for supporting it has nothing to do with the rights of the woman or fetus, only genetic research and stem cell harvesting. My interest is abortion is strictly scientific in nature.

And before anyone says or asks, I am a sociopath.

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This is starting to sound like a politics discussion.

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Be careful that you don’t cut yourself on that edge

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Too late, I wasn’t watching and cut myself


Can’t wait to play that full version of Thrive from Area 51


You’ve got to be kidding. It’s got the multicellular stage at most.

Or just a full version of Microbe Age?

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If I’m being honest a full microbe stage would be better than all of the other stages finished shittily.


i second that

does anybody think that when we to space stage the code is so complicated that it becomes self aware and then take over the world

Considering that AI researchers have failed to do that intentionally for decades, I very much doubt that.

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it was a joke (post filler)

I had a feeling that that was the case, but I replied anyway.

minecraft will have bees in 1.15 im not joking btw search it on youtube.
i know it sounds unBEElievable but its true.

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LINK PLEASE I won’t beelieve there is bees in Mc until I see them

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