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They weren’t a person, they were a creature and im not saying that to be rude or calling them savage. That is what they are

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A rogue AI, perhaps? Discobot, do you have anything to do with this?

@discobot fortune

New proposal! How about adding this emoji?



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:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now

Why do people think making fire underwater is such an absurd idea. What a bunch of hard headed folks smh

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when did the facepalm emote get added in?


A question about gaslighting…

Is this like taking advantage of a person who lacks self confidence and therefore isn’t sure about their own beliefs by making them question their own beliefs so that they believe you?

Gaslighting would involve repeating statements that arent true and acting like they are. In the present case we’re being huge :belgium:holes about someones faulty logic, but we aren’t actually even arguing over the facts, just the conclusions and logic you use to get there. So no, not gaslighting per se, but being a cruel community. If I were in burgeons place I’d give up and wait for the next cycle to occur so I could see what was ripped apart like a baby seal to sharks and what was slowly and kindly teased apart and almost won. I say this is what I’d cause it’s what I have done. When I first joined I proposed dumb stuff and people said “that’s dumb and here’s why” and so I gave up. It never got to this point. Now when I propose a theory… People ignore it. But when they do respond it’s kindly. Because I phase decent ideas smartly and am respected. We wouldn’t rip into Burgeon so much if there were logical arguments in that thread. So anyways, wrong sort of emotional abuse and burgeon, if you read this, take a break. Learn what we’re expecting, what sets off our bull​:belgium: alarms, and come back in a few months way smarter and articulate your arguments well. Trust me. That will help


gaslighting is the practice of making another person question their reality and make them think that they are insane.


So I just figured out today that when you reload the main page for the forums, it reorganizes the pfp bar for online people by account age.

That’s cool.

You can mute users!!!

Sadly us admins/moderators can’t really do that, otherwise some people would realize they can easily start breaking the rules by first getting muted by all the moderators…

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even if urs the moderators cant mute that undestandable that u cant ignore everything bad that can happan, here i think its prety rare if something like that happan at all.
mostly here we behave ok, acording to the silence laws of the forum.
that a good thing
i only see one ban user here, and that before i even got here and never sense i got here i ever see someone ever breaking any hard law here.

sry for the long mind stuff i writh here

I don’t know why there are so many civ forum games compared to evo ones
please don’t reply to me twilight

But I had a whole essay typed before I saw that T-T lol (that you told me not to respond)

Do we have to be admins to create a category?

Sorry, just want to hear some different but by no means less experienced voices on this topic

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What’s your favorite god game

Thrive twenty years from now.


It start with me in the end.
i ust to start an civics game after non that i know before have non be active.

so i start one, and most here in the past want to prsitipat on my game and that how the Civics game bloom have start.

then i will finish my game (soon), i will go move to other type of game forue that i planing to do.

evo game here are very hard to do (from expirimat), soo that mean taht even if we have an common evo intrest, there are not my taht continun to this day

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