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So, its 13 in binary code

Now this is a precise number

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its actually 1097 users. dont know if this includes deleted users

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But does that include users on the old forum too since he said forums?

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You can see the total number of users on this page: About - Thrive Community Forum

1102 is the current amount.

I’m the wrong person to ask about that.


Browsers don’t share cookies, it says different browsers where used for 2. If you really want to know you need to ask the Discourse developers (or read the forum’s source code).

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you may not want show in public city you live in


ok il remove th post

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next time you can erase data you don’t want to share in paint btw🖌️

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how is it possible to post while offline?

maybe server lag who knows?

Why dident i think of that and why whas there 3 pc

На пет., 23 септ. 2022 г. 23:55, C009 via Thrive Community Forum <> напиша:

YouTube’s UI got changed again

WTB is this shit

haven’t seen anything on youtube to look like that. at least not yet

As far as I know, they test multiple UIs at the same time

Wow an uncensored profanity

You can reply by email.

Like this post:


is this hhyyrylainen

No, that’s just some random guy.

lol cześć

Didn’t you say your name was the first letter of your name and your last name?

I did, and assumed everyone knew that so I didn’t say that that is a random guy with the same name as me.