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Some of the pictures in the forums don’t load. Is it just me?


That just happens sometimes. I haven’t come up with a solution

The problem seems specific to just some regions having their CDN servers not be able to connect back to central Europe where the data storage is.

The CDN provider has actually added some new retry settings, I’ll turn those on and I guess we’ll see if those do anything.

Edit: on the CDN’s announcements there’s this:

We are currently aware of an issue with the DNS resolution of the domain due to a government block. We are currently urgently investigating this and working with the Turkish government to reestablish connectivity.

Which would be relevant if you are in Turkey (or your DNS goes through there), as that would explain why all image resources are broken (though that should mean a bunch of other stuff on the website should also be a bit broken).

Hey @hhyyrylainen ehats the difference between an admin/moderator and a leader?

Admins and moderators are part of the staff group and they can see the the staff section as well as access to site logs and admin area (though moderators have limited access and can’t change pretty much any of the settings). Leaders can basically just immediately flag and hide posts as well as merge and split topics, and I think maybe edit other people’s posts (or at least thread categories to fix stuff if people put things in the wrong place).

Brazil. my Brazilian Brazil

The ultimate cell


im going BEYOND my limits…



it wasn’t so much freedom as it was unity, 4th of july is freedom.

for some reason when my character from AI dungeon died in slime they immediately came back as a skeleton covered in dragonborn shaped slime and it didn’t even take 2 turns for it to happen

I have been noted that very soon, Godot 4 right now entered the beta (just now in 6)
that means soon we Thrive will be upgreat to 4 and can change everything.

what the Your prediction of how difficult the transition would be if you act to do so?

They still haven’t merged my breakpad PR… and also when I last tested Godot engine 4 I ran into 2 very serious bugs affecting how I use it. I haven’t tested lately, but I’m not super hopeful that they’ll fix those bugs before 4.0 is released.

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Going back to DART

A lot of people are exciting to hear that space agencies will send new satelite to dimorphos in order to get look at a crater it generated.

However, energy created by DART durning impact was so large that face of asteroid that was hit by DART was probably completely stripped from it’s surface as we saw it in final dart’s photos and instead there is a “fresh” surface on that side of asteroid and not a crater.


I started using shaders yesterday.

Scary thought: we have no guarantee that e.g. YouTube will even exist in 10 years.

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Why are there hats on top of profiles?

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What? I don’t see them. You activated some easter egg?

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Aww, they are adorable!






i don’t see the hats

Its November why is in every Walmart all I can here is Mariah Carey I am going mad.