The Stages Cutscenes

For the microbe stage, the cutscene is exactly what i expect.

For the multicellular stages, it might be possible for you, and all your cousins to form together, eventually evolving into another species. This is where your species gets complicated, and instead of adding organelles, you add cells, and for the later half of the stage, you add organs and tissues.(and you should expand into 3d in this stage, but that deserves another topic)

The awaking stage should just be the first evolutions of the aware stage, so it’s included here, the awareness phase should have the cutscene of … uh… this phase is kind of weird.

The industry phase should have the cutscene of your animal using a tool.

The final space stage should have a cut-scene of a rocket launching. And the final stage, the stage that gives you full control over the universe, should have two of your animals making a portal to something, signifying total control of the universe around you.(Also at this stage, you make the spaceship or something)

TLDR - Stages = Cutscenes.

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I’m not sure if I’m understanding this right, are you suggesting some cutscenes for stages or are you viewing the (upcoming) history of your species as cutscenes?

I am suggesting cutscenes.

I’m sure that the plans for Thrive is that the transitions between stages are going to be smooth as possible, probably without (significant) cutscenes.[1]

Wait… this is literally the gameplay of the stage!

As far as I know, the Aware stage begins when you give your species a nervous system.[2]


yea that makes sense.

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Also, welcome to the forums!

thanks, you’re very helpful!

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We don’t plan on having any cutscenes after the new game cutscene, in order to keep the stage transitions smooth and not interrupt the gameplay.
What certain game showed with cutscenes and big changes in gameplay, we’ll try to keep the changes incremental so that there isn’t a huge leap between different stages.


You post needs a little cleaning up. but there may be a way to to add cutscenes without creating a distraction from the game, it will be better to add an option(off by default). What will the community think?

  • Cutscenes always on
  • Cutscenes having an option (off by default)
  • Cutscenes always off
  • Cutscenes having an option (on by default)

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because the poll has 5 voters i’m closing it.

the winner is cutscenes always off, but what if someone likes the idea of cutscenes?

well the option where the player has no control won, but if someone wants to challenge the desicion they can make a poll again so for now no cutscenes.

I think it would be quite a waste to make cutscenes that most players would never see. Cutscenes are something that could be added later if someone can present me with a cutscene that significantly improves the experience from moving to microbe to multicellular stage (for example) without hindering the game flow and feel.

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Honestly cutscenes can’t be added for every cutscene, it’s gonna be very jarring.