The Thrive Odyssey

M A T E and make babby

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Yes, score!

Action: Dig the carrots the rest of the way out and take them back to the food pile.

take the banana out of storage and place it on the pedestal to complete the shrine.
also (since the banana thing shouldn’t be an action by itself) fish for some fish.
p.s @blackjacksike feeding us meet would make us sick as we have not evolved to eat meat yet but we do need to eat meet for the omnivore mutation.

action: bang two rocks together near a stick

From what I recall, Australopithecus was already omnivorous.

@OmnipotentFNarr is the next round tomorrow?

Sorry for the delay guys.


The monkeys are doing well. They’re growing smarter, but their supplies are starting to dwindle. One of them is persuaded they can eat meat, but the others don’t want to. How will it end?

Volume 1: Ancestors
Round 10, Australopithecus Afarensis - 3.9 Million Years ago. Day 514 - Noon


Action: Bang 2 rocks together near a stick
Result: 18/20

You make some nice sounds for the village, increasing morale and happiness. (Fire is only first mastered by the Homo Neanderthalensis). Hooray, you earned a perk: Bard. For any morale or happiness rolls, you get a +3.

Health: healthy
Food: Pretty hungry
Thirst: Thirsty

Inventory: Music rocks x1
Personality: Bard


Action: Make 12 wooden huts.
Result: 6/20

You start making one hut, but it collapsed. When you moved on to the other, it also collapsed. You only managed to make 2 of them stand, but they don’t look very sturdy…

Health: Healthy
Food: Pretty hungry
Thirst: Pretty thirsty

Inventory: smooth rock x1, tough rock x1, sharp rock x2, stick x4
Personality: Weirdo…, Philosopher


Action: Harvest the hippo for food
Result: 11/20

You harvest a bit of meat, but a lot of it is fat, and you don’t know how to properly butcher an animal. You end up with a couple of slabs of meat.

Health: healthy
Food: Pretty hungry
Thirst: Pretty thirsty

Inventory: Bloody flint x1, Large metal panel x1, hunk o’ hippo x4
Personality: Charismatic


Action: Try to fish in the watering hole
Result: 1/20 +3 = 4/20

You try to catch the fish in the watering hole, but they’re too hard to catch with your hands. And when you do catch one, it just slips right off. You feel frustrated and storm off, angry at your failure. At least the banana on the pedestal looks happy.

Health: Healthy
Food: Slightly hungry
Thirst: Slightly thirsty

Inventory: flint x2, bloody flint x1, bloody tough rock x1, sabertooth x1, medium rib x1
Personality: hunter


Action: Mate + B A B Y
Result: 9/20 +3 = 12/20

Oh boy. At first, none of the tribemembers wanted to mate with you, but you looked so sad, that one of them pitied you (and was also kind of nudged by Abayomi) and mated with you. Hooray for luck!

Health: Healthy
Food: Full
Thirst: Full

Inventory: empty :frowning:
Personality: unlucky


Action: Dig the carrots out and store them
Result: 17/20

You dig a bunch of carrots out and you deliver them to the food pile. Everyone is always excited to try a new food source!

Health: healthy
Food: Slightly hungry
Thirst: Slightly thirsty

Inventory: empty :frowning:


Inventory: mambo x12, tamarind x3, carrot x11

Structure health: Full

Unstable shack 1

User: None

Structure health: Full

Unstable shack 2

User: None

Structure Health: Full

Banana Shrine

Structure health: Full

@TeaKing @Evolution4Weak @Magic8Ball04 @blackjacksike @Pentaphon @zenzonegaming

Neanderthals aren’t out ancestors, and I’m pretty sure fire was discovered before neanderthals.
Action: try to find more things to make more sounds.

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Action: Do Something
Everyone Should Mate So We Can Evolve

action: try to make other monkeys worship the shrine also try to make a banana tree grow in the shrine to make it look more majestic.
p.s bananas are from Asia.
p.p.s @Evolution4Weak you could join my cul-group! i mean group! :sweat:

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Not just Asia, bananas grow in a tropical climate. That’s why I made them so rare on the savannah.

Action: Teach the monkeys that food has the tendency to be good.

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My bad, fire was controlled by the Homo Erectus. Still a long way though!

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i have an idea for how we will evolve, 500 thousand years of evolution can change a creature a lot if its not really adapted to its environment, so when we advance by 500,000 yrs we should get 2 mutations we can add to our creature, like a bigger brain or longer legs etc… and around 1 mil years ago we will get 1 mutation we can use. also, as we get closer to 200000 yrs ago time passage gets shorter and shorter. what do you think @OmnipotentFNarr? btw there are mutations that can make some things better while others worse like how brain size influences jaw strength in hominins.

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Abayomi decides that @Magic8Ball04 makes pillars for his shacks, so that the structures remain inctact.
On his part, Abayomi tries to eat some small portions of hippo meat accompanied with vegetables and water to see if progressively becoming omnivorous is possible.

EDIT : @Pentaphon, you have to post your action…

i think i should get a new ability.
cultist: + 3 to banana GROUP related activates.

Yeah, it’s about time to get this show on the road.

Action: Mate.

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well that was fast. everyone posted their actions. the area 51 raid is OVER!!! stop naruto running!!

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You can only have 2 personality perks, so it would seem like a waste to have such a limited one…

trust me i’ll be doing a lot of that :belgium:.

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