The Thrive Universe Reboot

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TODO: someone fill out this post with cool details

I’m still kinda waiting on Stealth to put the templates, rules and whatnot in here before I actually post anything.

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I don’t he has even registered on this forum yet.

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Well I’ll give it a bit for this place to be accepted as the new community forums. After all this palce has been up for what, 2-3 days now?

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You could mention him on discord to try to get him to wake up.

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Have stealth registered?

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If @StealthStyleL is him then at least he has registered but hasn’t posted yet

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Someone still hasn’t filled this post out with cool details, by the way.
I guess you have priorities though


Got something, hang on a sec…

Faction: The Echoing Stream

“Catch us if you can.”

The Echoing Stream is an organization of rogue Giree that deals in information. It has thrived off of selling knowledge of recent events to its peers, from smugglers to pirates. Its informants and other operatives are spread throughout Directorate space, depending on their anonymity within the Stream to survive.

This group’s logistic importance to subversive factions has led to it becoming the Directorate Intelligence Network’s most high-priority target, yet has evaded its agents at every turn. All the same, their unorthodox methods were the inspiration for the Directorate’s indirect theft of Ionax secrets.

Structure: As the closest the Echoing Stream has to a leader, “Swift Hand” coordinates his compatriots’ activities to cover their tracks in the best way possible. He is rumored to be the organization’s founder; regardless of the truth this theory holds, his undoubtedly crucial role in the Stream makes his capture arguably the DIN’s foremost goal.