The Umbruke Research Thread

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This thread is for all the things that the Umbruke have discovered from past or recent zoological expeditions from other worlds. It may include some things the Umbruke have created, like genetically modified organisms.

This is a sort of community thing, where people can put their own ideas into here. Though it is only to elaborate more on what the Umbruke handle scientific expeditions.


The Umbruke have been to thousands of remote star systems, some already visited by other alien species. When traveling to these systems, they tend to take a handful of species from these worlds, keeping them in containment pods for storage. These creatures are often studied while on board, or experimented on.

What the Umbruke do with these creatures is often keep them in large zoos branching off from research facilities. The habitats they are studied to originate from are recreated via flora specimens from those same worlds, so that they can survive in their natural environments.

However, some specimens are too dangerous to be kept in on-world locations, and are mainly kept within the ships to be further observed.

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