The Unofficial List Of Species Created In Thrive

It seems we have engineered the perfect apex predator.
There is no hope for humanity.


Don’t know the name of this one, but it looked cool enough to post here. Didn’t really have any unique behaviours, either.
Also, reminder that the species you create yourselves can be posted in here


I don’t care that I’m double posting because >:)
Alphamaleus Microbia, the first mircobe that I thrived with

Edit: I don’t like triple posting

Venenum Apex

The toxin vacuole power trip.

Gen 20

Gen 31


Gen 40 (last)

Man, it hurts to be this superior. I even started practicing cannibalism.

Bestia Perfectia

The first species I made in 0.4.0, before even the trailer was released, because I’m a cool dude, so cool that I played it from the launcher


it looks like the mass toxsin swarm procariot species has ascended into a more terefying form in they got bigger, stronger, shoot with the spead of a machinegun, and they will murder you and your whole family if they notice you.

the game calls it Tacus Ucila but i call it Apexus Exsterminatus becouse if they notice you, there is no escape.


Oh, multiple flagella, fun.

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theyre seemingly only goal in life was to follow me (the nucleiless ones)

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Sooo… probably a tiny prokaryote with a high aggression and focus. I’ve experienced something like this too. Did you try to engulf them?

This is common behaviour in the prokaryotes in the new update.

Guess who goes extinct.

Me because the ones that follow me shoot with their toxin vacuoles.

EDIT: THIS is the post I become aware?!

lol just zigzag

also yeah i dislike the toxin prpkaryotes very significantly

i dont know how to do that

Press g, swim over smaller microbe.

Edit: press g again to move fast and not waste atp once engulfment is done and you’ve chomped the organelles.

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But yeah, they also have a new “reflex” method that handles reflexes (like running away when attacked with overwelming force) so if you attack them they will always try to run so yeah attempting to engulf them will get them off your back

Yep, exactly, high aggression and focus and low fear is what does that

Look at this purple perfectly hexagonal species with a chitin cell wall and squid tentacles that was auto-evolved while i was recording my new developer plays thrive episode.

Next version is filled with interesting looking species like this


Unfortuantely, I forgot to get the first evo in, but I think this is the… 10th evolution?
Then this is the 20th Evolution on steroids, fear it.


…Dread it, Run from it


“I am… inevitable…”


“Destiny arrives all the same. And now, It’s here. Or should I say, I am.”

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