The who would win forum game

The who would win forum game is where people like yourselves make polls of who would win scenarios and people vote on who would win

the poll option wont work for me for some reason

World’s saddest occurances

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So true
(I do not like the 20 character limit)


Rednascar11! VS Discourse Poll Option!
  • Rednascar11!
  • Discourse Poll Option!

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You might need to get some trust level before discourse let’s you create them.


This Poll VS The Poll Above

  • This Poll
  • The Poll above

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Who would win?
Thrive or Species ARLE

  • Thrive
  • Species ARLE

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How do you make a poll

Which are you more interested in in thrive

  • the biolagy stuff
  • The civilization stuff

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i can’t pic!

Just click the dot next to what u want to vote

no i meen i can’t deside

Then make up ur mind before voting

you don’t get it i make can’t up my mind

why are u posting then
vote when u decide

If u want civilization stuff go play a Paradox strategy game

what about the later sages?

That’s were ur going, its a long ways away

Who would win:

• me trying to create a poll on mobile

• this forum