Thrive Civilization Game (Part 3 Reboot)

Y’all are super fast on the uptake, awesome. For future reference, if you change your votes let me know somehow. Just in case I decide to try writing them all when I get them and don’t check back before posting. Don’t want your people to do something you don’t want to do anymore (unless its a bad roll, then they’ll do what they want)


Action:The ancestors are obviously telling us to banish these sickly weak men out of our tribe

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vote: make a new religion called Oprectimishva (ishva is religon) it involves the people wanting to go to the stars, that they think are their gods and to acheive that they have to advance their technology.
thanks for the round! also can you describe the creatures we’re hunting? like what do they look like? are they hairy? or scaly?etc… i need this info to name them.

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@RoboTrannic and @serialkiller you guys are the last 2. No rush just double tagging

Vote: I’m gonna try that animal thing once more

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after reading their description i’m going to name the animals giopek (pronounced Guy-o-peck) meaning fat(gio) fur(pek).

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Put the people who still “need it” into rehab where they can talk about their addiction while the rest start collecting plants to eat or weapons to hunt

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Can be added to the waiting list?

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Yep I’ll add you. I’ll most likely have the round up today, but I live on the west coast so it might be late for some of you guys!


These new dice must love you guys, geez, if only I used this one in my dnd games. Also just so y’all know this was about 3500 words. like a small essay. I put more effort into this than my schoolwork, which I find hilarious

Round 3: A Home for Others, and a Home for the Soul

Around this time frame, more examples of agriculture and domestication appear, the ancestors of the Carrius and the Avaius genus are first appearing amongst the graves of certain areas, close to those of Grinus graves, suggesting that they were companions by this time. There is also considerable evidence that among some tribes, a more organized system of burial rights, and of the splendor amongst the dead, suggesting the world’s first religions have came into being around this time as well.

@agenttine- Akeer

Vote: Deal with the Hunters (20)



Akeer hunters have come up with a novel way of dealing with the Hunters. Rather than attempting to drive them off of every kill, the Akeer have discovered that, when dealing with pack situations, the Hunters will allow the first picks of any kill to go to the leader of the pack. When the Akeer approach the kills of the Hunters, one of the Hunters would come forward to challenge over the kill. Then the Akeer would chose one of their own hunters to go forward. After a series of threats, the Hunters would almost always back down, rather than risk a fight that could harm the pack as a whole through combat. Discovering that fact, Akeer have been able to not only establish their control of their own kills, but that of several Hunter packs, who now recognize the Akeer on sight as the superior hunters. This has had an even more novel effect on tribes home, After several packs have submitted to the Akeer, they have begun to bring their kills to the Akeer themselves, splitting up the kills, and even some spotting of raising their young close to the Akeer. The Hunters have established the Akeer as the dominant pack in the region, willing to defend their enlarged territory and raise a family as well as contributing their hunts communially. In a rather interesting twist of fate, the Hunters have even taken to aiding the Akeer in their hunt, so long as they get a portion of the kill they help track prey, and aid in the takedown after the use of Flurks to help disable the prey, or in the smaller or quicker prey such as small mammals and birds. This new relationship has lead to not only an influx of food, but also an increase in morale. As time moves along, several of the Hunters young have even taken to following young Akeer on their daily tasks through the village, playing games and raising the spirits of the group through their antics.

Perhaps these unexpected new friends can become something more in time, but for now it is good to remember that they are not all friends, as some of the outermost packs, seeing the Akeer dominate the local packs, have taken to challenging the Hunter friends whenever they can.

Stability: Sturdy (3)

Power: Tiny (1)

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Previous Votes: North (18), Ranged Weapons (10)

@jellyfishmon- Olyamata

Vote: Portable Storage (16)


The large containers, while helpful in some instances, were not practical for the hunter gather groups as they needed to transverse the forest floors. After some experimentation the Olyamata have discovered another means of collecting their goods when on journeys that can help their forgers, combining the materials of the forest into smaller versions of the containers that can be easily carried on the back of individual forgers. This invention has greatly aided the Olyamata on their expeditions into the forest, allowing them to gather much more foodstuffs much more quickly. This increase in the available reserves of food has greatly increased the moral of the group, and have lead to most people regarding the leadership better. This invention sadly has not had a measurable impact on the ability of the Forest Jumpers from getting into the food supplies, as even attempts to make knots are undone by the clever animals, but the increase of volume of incoming food has made the drain nothing more than the loss of a bag a day. So far the Olyamata have not been able to shake the odd creatures in their various attempts. With the increase of food from the portable containers, and the better quality of their new storage containers, the animals are nothing more than a common sight anymore, with young Matain often giving them a few of their daily fruits in exchange for letting them work in peace around the village.

One day, when out forging, one young Matain fell down a small ridge, injuring themselves. The Forest Jumpers than began a call to get the attention of other Forest Jumpers, eventually making its way to the Forest Jumpers who were following the main Mata gathering group, who got the attention of several Mata who then followed the instiant Forest Jumpers to the injured Matain, bringing him back to the village, where he was able to make a full recovery. The young Matain was regulated to regular duties in the village afterward, but the incident has left its mark on the Olyamata people.

Stability: Solid (2)

Power: Tiny (1)

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Previous Votes: West (17), Storage Containers (7)

@immortaldragon- Khurissa

Vote: Scout the River (18)


While initially the strange loss caused fear to spread through the tribe, it was not long before the Shamans took control. Using the fiery rhetoric they are known for, they rallied the tribe, speaking of stories of challenges of the past overcome by faith and audacity. While these speeches have done well to rally morale, the leadership is still cautious enough to avoid encamping next to the river itself, instead setting up camp nearby, not quite to the hills they came from, but instead in a nice mix between the river, the desert, and the hills. This location has desert trees that provide shelter during the day for those who remain in the village, while others go to the river to hunt, gather water or berries, and such.

Hoping to find the lost scouts, the Khurissa have sent more scouting parties both up and down stream of the river. These efforts have lead to the discovery that further to the east, the river comes to a reasonable point that can be easily crossed, shallow enough that fish from the river can be caught at the ankles of those standing there. The location also seems to not have many of the strange creatures in the water that further upstream are often seen by the Khurissa. The scouting party has also discovered some of the lost pack animals that ran away, and managed to wrangle a few of them back to the camp. They have not been able to find the lost scouts themselves, who seem to have passed onto the spirit realm. The Khurissa Shamans have managed to calm the fears of the group by reminding them of their test from the ancestors, and that trials will be faced, those who persevere will be rewarded, such as the return of the creatures. Not all is well, as the creatures still refuse to approach the river, even nearer the crossing area. Perhaps they will need more than simple fruits to convince them to follow.

Stability: Solid (2)

Power: Tiny (1)

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Previous votes: East (20), Go with the Flow (8)

@omnipotentfnarr- Ack Nan

Vote: Domesticate the Birds (17)


Ack Nan

The large birds have returned to the valley following the flood, and in them the Ack Nan see opportunity. After all, it was the bird’s own warnings that saved the Ack Nan before. Attempting to domesticate them, however, has proved to be something of a challenge, given that they can literally fly away whenever they want to. The first few attempts to catch or capture them have resulted in failure. However, as breeding season comes around, their breeding ground becomes filled with cleverly hidden nests and eggs. Too big roost in trees, they are often dug into the ground, and carved using a clever application of tools and existing roots. If you know where to look, you may be able to catch an egg or two while others distract the families who flock outsiders to drive them away. Using this tactic, the Ack Man have managed to snag a few eggs, and when they hatched, were able to use a combination of the young, and fruits from the type of tree often used by the Birds to eat from, to compel a few of the Birds to move their nests closer to care for the new young. By presenting the food as a gift, it takes the impetus away from the Birds, who become more likely to allow the Ack Nan nearby during the rearing of the young. All said, the complex system comes down to a few of the Birds being raised in the presence of the Ack Nan, leading them to become an accepted member of the flock rather than something to be feared or hunted.

The Birds, despite mainly eating fruit, are actually omnivores, and help the Ack Nan not only identify edible plants, but to also drive prey into the waiting arms of hunters. Clever animals, they use complex tactics that the Ack Nan become a part of, split their kills reasonably, and even are willing to carry some supplies or goods tied to them. So far, they are not able to support the weight of the Ack Nan, maybe after some generations of selective breeding the story would be different, but so far they do help a lot with the collection of foodstuff from the valley. Some Ack Nan have even taken to collecting the seeds that the Birds spit up to the Ack Nan from the trees, as odd little gifts.

Stability: Solid (2)

Power: Tiny (1)

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Previous votes: Stay in the Valley (20), Agriculture (7)

@serialkiller- Kometenvolk

Vote: Retry Animal Search (17)


The desert is full of wild and odd creatures. While searching for little areas of resupply in their journeys, a group of scouts managed to find something off. In the middle of the desert, are little places of life, with groupings of plants, waters, and animals that can survive for long times without water to stumble across these oasi. One such creature is perhaps noted above the others. Large, about the size of a man’s shoulders at its own, these strange four legged creatures have thick skins, which appear to carry extra fat that allows them to survive a long time in the wild. They also have strange tails that extend behind them that have an odd fan of skin sticking towards the sky, which is replicated again towards the head. The creatures are noted as being approachable by the Komentevolk scouts while resting under the sunlight at the oasi, but when they are distured while eating or drinking from the oasis, they are fast, with their strange legs quickly taking them to beyond the sand dunes. They appear to travel in packs, and perhaps to always flee in the same direction would indicate another resting spot in that direction.

Back at the tribe itself, the rumours regarding the strange smokes continue, with the reports of the Scouts confirming the existence of the Oasi, perhaps others have found the Oasi themselves, and live in the desert. But the scouts who made it to the oasi note that the strange smoke is not visible from the few Oasi they have visited.

Stability: Solid: (2)

Power: Tiny (1)

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Previous votes: East (8), Animal Friends (11)

@RoboTrannic -Poopoopeepee

Vote: Rehab (12)


The new area has proved to be full of resources and able distractions from the trials of the journey here. The river is full of creatures, so many one only has to stick their hands in to catch a fish, and the small game and berry bushes are plenty.

However, the instances of people being ‘injured’ and requesting the shamans plants in order to continue upon their daily work is skyrocketing, especially among those who were injured previously, or who have been to the therapy sessions, where they discuss they have been encouraged to discuss how they came to be there, which may even be giving people ideas. Once one person mentioned how a shaman gave them the plant after they burned their hand cooking, after the next meeting and meal, a half dozen more came before with burns, even people who were not seen cooking meals.

Perhaps putting all the people together where they could give each other ideas was not the wisest. But luckily this has not had a measurable impact on the population, as they are only a few who keep coming back, and there is plenty of the plant to go around. So long as they receive the plant they do not have the aggression of the first man,nor do all those who stop taking the plant after their time come back asking for more.They continue to do their jobs, if only slightly worse than the others who do not take it.

Stability: Solid (2)

Power: Tiny (1)

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Previous votes: Northwest (12), Continue NorthWest (17)

@teaking- Oprectim Tribe

Vote: Found Oprectimishva (Star Gods) (20)



As the Oprectim have come to become accommodated to their home, they have come to the realization that their fortunes are the result of their divinely ordained mission. The Gods have spoken, and the Sky people are the chosen ones of the Sky Gods. They who live amongst the Stars were the ones who sent their message through the Sky lights, and it is from them that the Oprectim have been able to advance as they have. It is said that the Sky Gods have even sent the Giopek, or fatfurs, who are there to supply the Oprectim with meat, milk, and warm fur so long as they are fed and cared for in their lives, they will provide all the basic essentials the Oprectim would need, food, drink, warmth, and their bones form the basics of many of their tools and materials.

The Religion has taken its hold on the society, its divine mission of reaching the stars sparking a light in the Oprectim people. Those who invent new tools and weapons, or those who have novel ideas, are taken to be those who are divinely touched. Innovation and advancement are the name of the game, and this has encouraged a great many people to experiment to seek divine favor and a precious spot on the council of shamans that have taken hold as the leadership of the tribe. As such, the Oprectim tribe has seen many interesting inventions over its time, more ways to plant and harvest the fruit and berry bearing crops that supply the tribe, new weapons and traps to hunt the game, ways of using the skin of the Giopek to cover small huts made with trees, not quite structures or housing but steps in the right direction towards creating a division of labor necessary towards becoming the sky people they dream of being.

Stability: Sturdy (3)

Power: Tiny (1)

Religion: Oprectimishva

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Previous votes: West (14), Agriculture (20)

@MisterMustachio- BeastMen

Vote: Hunt the Hunters (10)


The Beastmen are hunters, in their bones and in their souls, to be challenged by such weaklings as the Hunters is unseemly. And so, the Hunters have become the hunted. The Beastmen have made a sport of hunting the Hunters, to kill one means to be elevated amongst the tribes as a killer of killers. It has become something of a game to Beastmen hunters, to find the kills of the Hunters and drive them off or killing them. Sometimes the Beastmen hunters would leave their own kills in the open as a trap to catch the scavengers and eliminate them, bringing home more food. It does not always work, oftentimes when they catch a whiff of the hunters they book it as far as they could. Which is surprisingly far and quickly. They can easily outrun the Beastmen, and even skilled hunters can lose their trail rather quickly in the grasslands.

This has had the unfortunate effect of labeling the Beastmen as the enemy of the Hunters among the various packs of the region. Hunters can be seen trailing scouting and gathering parties, though they are scared away when challenged, and at night they are often hearing giving their signature howls challenging the Beastmens claim on the territory, sometimes closer than people would like. Even with the elimination of some packs, there seems to be an influx of others from further north, perhaps running away from something up there.

Stability: Solid (2)

Power: Tiny (1)

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Previous votes: North (14), Search for Herds (18)

@blackink- Morbus

“The death of our brother has marked this place, his blood goes to the trees and his spirit now roams and protects the land, we will settle here under his guise and share in a small feast so as to honor him” -Khala “the painted one”, first chief of the expedition

Vote: Settle on the Hills (13)


The Morbus are morbid people, death is the inevitable conclusion of life, and so as they mark the first place of death of their people, the Morbus have decided to settle in this place. The death of their brother, while perhaps inevitable, unfortunately does not seem to occur in the most ideal of places. The lands surrounding the hills does not seem to contain much beyond berry plants and small game, enough to sustain the tribe as is, but perhaps not enough to grow. There are numerous streams among the hills that allow the collection of freshwater, which is boiled at the nightly fires. There, they celebrate their lives and conduct the funeral rights of the deceased, whose body is buried in the tradition of the Morbus, as a good soul to be reborn in the dirts of the earth. Afterwords, they conduct a small feast honoring their life, telling stories.

Unfortunately, the killers are still at large, not coming to even the burial rights of the deceased, a cultural taboo even worse than the death itself. They have not been spotted by the Morbus scouts, or had any interaction since the fateful night. They do not have the supplies of the Morbus, as they did not take any when they fled, so it is unknown how long they will be able to last in these rather sparse hills before returning, or even if they know they could return to open arms, though the disrespect of not coming to the rights will sting the people’s pride.

Stability: Shaky (0)

Power: Tiny (1)

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Previous votes: Southeast (11), Continue SouthEast (7)

@positivetower- Kurichen

Vote: Continue West (20)


As the sickly get more sick, the Kurichen have come to an understanding, the weak and sickly are a burden upon the people. While they were treated with care, those that recovered are welcome, those that cannot are but an anchor holding the Kurichen back. And so, the anchors cord is cut, and they are left behind, with only minor supplies that would last them the night. They will awaken forgotten by their people. But perhaps that is for the best.

This has a rather amazing effect on the remaining people, encouraged by the courage and conviction that they can continue in their mission west , or perhaps fearful that they too would be left behind if they did not keep up, the Kurichen have made excellent time, after all, the world is for the strong to take, and the weak will be left for the dust. They have arrived outside the Valley of Ancestors, and are now near the great forests that they have been told about and that inspired their expedition in the first place. Now they are close to a river, trees, animals, and much more. They are held tight in their belief that each must contribute, that none can be a burden, and that care will be given in times of need until that care becomes a price to others. Unified again, in a new place that can provide much bounty, the people are feeling like blessings may be among them again.

Along the river banks is an odd creature, armoured quadruped who seems to eat the fish from the river itself, and despite its armour seems to swim quite well in the water.

Stability: Stable (1)

Power: Tiny (1)

previous votes

Previous votes: Northwest (10), Decide to go West (3)

If anyone has any questions, comments, advice, etc there is a new discord at, feel free to join us!


The Beastmen will not take kindly to this challenge to their lands.
Vote: Improve our hunting techniques.

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Thanks for the round Skyguy, loving the development.
Even after settling, the Morbus still see that opportunity rises from the dead and so their toughts turn to the small game they gather.
Action: Try to better harvest the animals we hunt, the bones can be needles, the tendons can be thread, we can use the pelts for the cold nights if we haven’t yet, and if we take some time to work it with stone tools we could maybe achieve leather. (I know this could be seen as a lot of votes, but just giving you an idea of what i would like to achieve in a perfect vote).

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Thanks for the round Skyguy! :grin: It seems the ancestors have favored the Khurissa for the moment.

Vote: Despite this crossing being found, the animals are still wary of the river. We must heed this warning. A kill will be left out as bait, and rocks thrown into the river to disturb the surface. We will try this method and any others until we find out just why our current companions are so afraid of the river.

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Thanks again for all the love and effort you put into these rounds!

Vote: I see where you’re going with the seeds… Perhaps the Ack Nan should attempt agriculture once again?

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if you can’t beat em join em.

task the addicts and shamans of finding a way to grow the plant while the rest build some shelter

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Thanks for the round skyguy, I love your style.
Action: pack up and head west until we find a large body of water or richer soil, but stay in/near the forest.

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Vote:Our people are once again saved but now is not the time to celebrate,we must focus on creating a permanent settlement,let us discover a way to harness the potential of plants(discover agriculture)

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thanks for the round!
vote: invent fences
i changed it @Skyguy98

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Your 20 on the agriculture vote has by default domesticated the Fatfurs is there something specific you wanted to do with them or do you want to change your vote to something else?

@serialkiller and @AgentTine You guys are the last, school today so it might be a few days to the next round