Thrive Meme Contest #1

My final entry.

Haha, get it??? It’s funny because society stage just nuked itself!



I regret my decision entirely. I was having a heated gaming moment.


Let’s praise hhyyrylainen and Omicron! The Great Gods of Thrive-ypt!

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One more day to enter. Then we’ll have a poll and crown the meme champion.



Ha, clearly not mine…

I stoped making a concept for this


It’s time.

Below is a poll. You may vote for as many as three options and cannot vote for your own.

I’ve used creators’ names for their memes where supplied but given a best approximation otherwise. Hopefully that’s enough to recognise them.

  • Spongebob evolution (TheGraveKnight)
  • Stealth Style L (DPHKraken)
  • Milkomeda (DPHKraken)
  • Thanos reacting to underwater civs (OmnipotentFNarr)
  • God brain underwater civs (BowlDawg)
  • Thrive devs, I’ve come to bargain (OmnipotentFNarr)
  • Thrive noob underwater civs (BowlDawg)
  • Disturbance Thanos (Nein99)
  • Disturbance smelting (Nein99)
  • Thrive 2 in Area 51 (1Sheep)
  • Rick and the toxins (Archeodox)
  • Eating in the back of class (Archeodox)
  • Hydrothermal vent excitement (Archeodox)
  • Drake smeltoling the meltols (Moon_Truther)
  • The true way to smeltol (Moon_Truther)
  • Counting (Moon_Truther)
  • XCOMicron (blackjacksike)
  • Disturbance Amiibo (QuantumCrab)
  • Watched the movie today (Omicron)
  • Back in ye olden days of 0.3.2 (Omicron)
  • Literally from the subreddit (Omicron)
  • Virgin land civ vs Chad underwater civ (DiddeZ)
  • After you first beat Thrive (1Sheep)
  • Kissing in the banana biome (b0atFan)
  • Disturbance Thrives on the battlefield (b0atFan)
  • Untrusted Patreon (Mist)
  • Narotiza now (Mist)
  • Thrive in 2025 (OmipotentFNarr)
  • Banana cult (1Sheep)
  • The strategy god (blackjakesike)
  • Haha funny Thrive meme (Evolution4Weak)
  • Olive river (DonGororo)

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The poll closes this Wednesday.


Can I vote for my own prompt?

If you mean something you suggested but someone else made, then yes. You can’t vote for your own entry though.


I’m genuinely interested to see how different everyone’s sense of humor is.


Well, the poll has ended and we have a winner. Sorry for not getting to this yesterday as planned, I was rather ill. I’ll do a full write-up later today.


That’s it for the first meme contest.

Congratulations on the tiny sparks of absurdist joy you’ve brought to our lives, everyone. We had a lot of great submissions, but unfortunately, there can only be one winner. Unless there are five winners listed in reverse order for faux-suspense, which is what I’m actually giving you.

Joint #4: @OmnipotentFNarr

He made it on Google Slides, the perfect graphics editing program, so it’s no surprise to see OmnipotentFNarr’s entry here. With one word, he encapsulates several years of Thrive dev and fan bickering about the nature of subaqueous cities. Not to mention, that word is from the mad titan himself. Thrive as Thanos…now there’s an idea…

Joint #4: @Archeodox

The almighty democratic process decreed there was a tie for fourth place, so joining OmnipotentFNarr here is Archeodox with his rendition of Rick entering the toxic minefield that is the Thrive tidepool. Nothing else could quite capture the terror one experiences as they watch a horde of toxin-spewing microbes advance on them from afar.

#3: @QuantumCrab

I’m going to be honest, I’m not 100% sure this counts as a meme, but it’s so well done I don’t care. I’m sure we’re all itching to reach the day when you can buy a Disturbance Amiibo in your local game merch store, and I’m sure when we do it’ll look exactly like QuantumCrab’s rendering here. Maybe that’s how we’ll fund the game: get subsumed into Nintendo so we can piggyback off their merchandising schemes.

#2: @DiddeZ

Why have a boring old land civ when you can be an exciting, controversial underwater civ? DiddeZ gives us a glimpse of the inevitable rivalry between players who crawl onto land and those who insist on staying underwater in this creative take on a meme classic. Very much captures the art style of the original applied to a new world of Thrive, so well done.

#1: @DonGororo

Well this is awkward.

Look Mum, I’m a meme! I’ve finally achieved true fame!

DonGororo’s clutch play stormed to the top of the poll, and with good reason. I’m grateful to know random people have random happy thoughts about a nickname I created out of the blue seven years ago. At least, I hope they do. What if the meme’s lying? No, memes would never do that to me. Memes never lie.

Turns out all you need to win one of these competitions is the ability to erase a river in Photoshop and a jab at a developer. People seem to like that. Congrats, DonGororo. Well deserved.

So, that’s over.

Can I get permission from the winners to post these to our social media platforms? I have a feeling the actual winner might go over a few people’s heads, but we need to follow up on the announcement of the competition.


You don’t need my permission. I would be honoured!


Man, i didn’t expect to win this competition, I literally made the meme the hour before the admisions closed thanks to a dumb idea that came to mind while i was making a concept. I had a way more elaborated idea about a mockup of what a Thrive visual novel would look like, I guess i can reserve it for the future. But hey, if you found it funny that’s what counts at the end of the day. Also, this meme caused a very deep conversation on the Discord server:


Yo Oliver can you solve our doubts? Are you a river of Olivers or just a river that happens to be named Oliver? And who would name a landmark with a human name? What eldritch plane do you come from Oliver? This meme made me realize how many dark horrors the development team hides and I’m scared.
There were some very good memes here (my favourite is Rick and the Toxins) and I’m glad this contest took place. Thanks to Oliver for organizing this and thanks to all of you for participating!


I’m an iver of Olivers. It’s like a river but has no beginning. It just is.


It’s Olivers all the way down


There’s actually a river in Australia called Olive River:


If there’s going to be any official Thrive meetup, Olive River would be a top pick for location.