Thrive Monthly Art Competition

Welcome to the Art Competition reboot!

If you have a burning passion for all things artistic and creative, then post your best art for each round and see what the rest of the forum thinks! This competition is for you to show off your skills, but also for feedback to improve your artistic ability (if you don’t want feedback, just let me know when posting). Now, for some rules:

  1. People may only submit 1 art piece per round. Feel free to substitute it for another if you want though.

  2. You must follow the theme for each round.

  3. Must be safe for work, no PG +13 content.

  4. Do not vote for yourself. If you do… uh… I’ll be really mad.

Seven days after the round starts, voting will begin and people will no longer be able to participate in the round. Three days after that, I’ll announce the winners along with feedback for each artwork. Remember, you can post any sort of art (pixel art, digital art, painting, etc.), the only limit is your imagination!
So now that’s done, let us begin!

Theme: Dinosaurs

imma join!
also since birbs are dinos
im gonna draw them!
jk ill draw a triceratops or a t rex

i wish to join as well. i’ve gotten a bit rusty with my drawing ability (specifically dinos) but still, i’m interested.

I too, shall join. The only art I will submit shall be pixel art because I’m a talentless hack because I like it.

Also, shouldn’t this be moved to the creative stuff tab, so it can appear with the other contests?

I might join, but i’m not the best at drawing living things, so it’ll not look good


I will join as well! And good idea! I’m not good at drawing dinosaurs so I might draw a bird as well.

well… it would make more sense that way. but im pretty sure quantum crab misclicked or something.


nice to see someone on the forums who is just like me

ok i moved the thread to other creativity
also, about the bird thing, oofer you might not wanna do it until quantumm agrees to that

If its a dinosaur bird, then its all gucchi

Okay everyone here is my first submission!

I think it’s worse than what I normally do

If you have any criticisms about this piece of art please say it, I’m much worse at drawing things that are under the water than on land.


The background and placement is a little messy but the drawing is good

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the background looks noticeably worse than the actual drawing itself and to be honest it really bothers me

Do you have any tips on how to make the background better?

Draw the background first, and make sure it looks like a landscape. Then draw you stuff over it.


You know what I love about pixel art? It’s so fast! Here’s my submission:

Frozen in Time

Also I figured out how to resize images yay!


Did you put it in? It looks blank to me.

Edit: Nevermind

Yeah it’s a lot easier to make than I realized! No wonder why so many artists here use pixel art so much.

Also, the drawing looks pretty good! I would say that you should also include the tail for the dinosaur but other than that I have nothing else to say.

Time’s up! Round 1 has officially ended!

Vote for who you think should win below:

  • MechanicalPumpkin
  • OmnipotentFNarr

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The final verdict will be revealed when the poll closes (in 3 days). Until then, stay frosty!

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Are we going to have another one of these?

yes, there are rounds
and each round is a new theme


I was expecting there to be more competitors. Well I guess this makes it more intense now. :thinking: