Thrive Music Thread

I finally have another Thrive theme to post here:


i like it! the background is nice (an somewhat recognizable :thinking:), and i like the main bit.

If there’s enough interest for it, I might try streaming while I compose some Thrive music later today. Who would watch that?

EDIT: I found some interest on Discord so I’m doing it. This will totally not go completely wrong in every conceivable way.

The stream will be at the link below in just under two hours, probably continuing for three to four hours.

I’m trying this again later, hopefully moving forward with the track I started above. Come along in a few hours and tell me what sick beats to lay down.

EDIT: Video from last night is now public.

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So, I’ve accidentally created another Thrive theme (or rather, an extremely early draft of half of one). But I have no idea what it would be a theme for. I’m thinking somewhere Society onwards, possibly a specific ideology or scenario. What does everyone here think?

Here’s the early draft:


The song gives a feeling of mixing old (the skin drums) and new (the drumkit and synth guitar) - perhaps a post-industrial society that faithfully maintains its ancient customs?

Also, any progress on the Wasteland theme you previewed on the stream?


I immediately thought that it was some chill futuristic thing, and suitable for something like an industrial nation getting assembly line robots doing stuff.

I can definitely now hear that, but not having heard such drums before, that wasn’t my immediate impression.


I’ve gotta agree with hh, it has that sort of modern/sci fi groove going on with it but the instruments make it feel like it has some old cultural roots too. I’m not personally sure what it would be used to represent though…

That being said it’s a bop and I love it.

Edit: After listening to it again I think it would make a great theme for something desert or jungle related, maybe an industrial civ based within such biomes? I’m unsure of how thematically specific thrive’s themes are intended to be.


Unfortunately not. I have a few half-complete Thrive themes waiting in the wings including this one so I might just finish them all in one flurry.


What’s this? A new Thrive theme? It can’t be!

I decided to just push this one over the finish line today. As I mentioned above, I have a few I might as well just complete as soon as possible. So look out for a few others coming shortly.


Putting this here for those who haven’t listened to it.