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Pack hunting pink bacteria
see how there is 3 chasing each individual, cool stuff, there was another bacteria in this world, it was blue and white, i am not sure if they were predators but they seemed to congregate around other bacteria

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does the bacteria have auto-evo or are they just random in this update?
and whats with the “stuff at ___” and “nothing to eat here”?

(Untrustedlife) #25

They mutate/evolve just like normal microbes do. (except different because they are bacteria)
Aggression and fear are also based on species now etc.

The “stuff at” screen tells you the stuff at where your mouse pointer is, compound concentrations (hopefully species names) etc.

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #26

thats cool and I didnt know microbes evolve yet is that a new thing or have I just never noticed it also the UI is looking nice and clean but do you really need ATP to be shown twice

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Why was this specifically a reply to me?

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because why not

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What are you talking about, no it wasnt.

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It pinged me with a notification saying that the screencap was a reply to me

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see the little icon on the top right of a post when you do reply to someone, mine lacked that so i didnt reply to you, you are probably just watching the thread.

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No clue, may be a bug, and why does it matter?

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I was just confused, is all.

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I like how this thread has gone from “a wiki where a bunch of users can ‘document’ interesting things you’ve seen ingame” to UntrustedLife showing off new game features

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Well my hope is other people start posting here once we release

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Still working on that.

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@RoboRomb stop changing your profile pic, its confusing the heck out of me.

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darn 10 characters

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Hey folks:

Melunra Nubafila is a species of bacteria the game generated in a test run (0.4.0), according to the game-log it has an aggression value of 266, and a fear value of 126 (which means they rarely run)essentially this means they shoot things more then they run The max aggression/fear values are 400 so they are above average in terms of aggression, (which means they will often target some larger prey, heh, me in this case) (at an aggression value of 400 they attack anything they see, at a fear value of 400 they run away from everything they see so you can judge it based on that spectrum) This particular species, as documented in the video, will openly attack any other bacteria and apparently in this case, the player cell aswell though it appears they do prefer to eat other bacteria. Its horrifying.,

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Glad to see this old thing isnt dead yet.

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Heh, I really like how the toxic thingies can turn in place, it makes the game look way more 3d