Thrive Universe Fanart

I drew this in 2.5 minutes. Guess what it is


So there are three options with this, either you drew this inside out and you are relying on the gravity of star. You could have this spinning really fast to get more cylindrical gravity than the pull of the star, or you have the ring incredibly big that it has reduced the effect of the gravity and can spin slower.

I definently thought too hard about a drawing and the first thing that came to mind was “is that a halo ring?”. Still cool though.


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ring-world. its simple.

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Back with some more stuff everyone!


The images you see above are the current designs of the Umbruke, my fungoid plant alien species things.
The rest of these images are from separate projects.


Some more alien stuff. Two of them were done by @SenntellianUR




Quite a few users have made their take on the Midelians, a concept alien i thought up of, and just until recently i had the guts to draw it myself, and the results are good enough in my opinion.

Official Midelian Art

As you see, they have gloves and pants as signs of them being technologically advanced. The face could be a wee bit less cartoony, but its what i can do for now.

To the guys who drew their version of the Midelian, you may be surprised on what i actually had in mind.

A bit surprised.

Just a bit

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Sorry if this looks like a copy of anything. My time was crunched so nothing is very good.

This is a spaceship that took some time

heres a long tongue creature I drew up, it eats bugs and small animals


Glad to see some new pieces in this thread.

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Meet the Rund

Runds are a large carnivorous species that produces asexually. The large “horns” on its head are actually its reproductive system. When a certain branch of the “horns” get too heavy they fall off and implant themselves into the ground. The parent Rund is aware of when it’s “horns” get too large and make sure to find a suitable place to drop their horns. They often try to drop their horns in the same place. About a week after the infant Runds implant in the ground they will begin to rapidly develop small “nubs” that will develop into legs in due course. The parent Rund is extremely protective of its offspring and approaching one is ill-advised. Another week after the legs begin development a stalk-like structure will emerge from the center of the infant Rund. This will grow into a mouth. The parent Rund, when spotting this stalk, means that the infants are ready for feeding. The parent Rund will quickly kill and swallow the nearest animal life form. Once done digesting the parent Rund will regurgitate the animal on top of the infant Rund, which will slowly soak up the remains. Mature Runds will display sensory organs on the front of their reproductive organs which sense vibrations. These sensors often grow sporadically and, on occasion, will pierce the Rund itself. The Rund’s body is extremely muscular to support its boneless body. Runds have no given symmetry and therefore can often have more than the usual three legs. At the end of these legs are vertical slits. When blowing air through these slits they make a distinctive rumbling noise similar to thunder. This is how mature Runds communicate to other creatures and Runds that they are present.


Absolutely outstanding work! :+1:

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Whispers: can you even see it?

no I cant see it try posting the image again

I saw it in another thread.

Edit: this thread Some art

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I am trying a new drawing style. Any suggestions are welcome. Yay or Nay?


That already exists. The development forums are there for that same reason - limiting the discussion to actual work on the game.