Tips everytime

This would be great to have tips like an assistant that helps you to grown your organism and get the best of it.

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@zyad137 made a hints system before Christmas that would give the player short term objectives. So this is sort of done, but we failed to get a release done during Christmas (the old version was completely broken so we moved our efforts towards making the next version).


So, how about tooltips? that might tell, I was struggling to move up from bottom of sea to surface, As i had no idea how to move up.

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Where would you put the tooltip for moving between patches? If it is put on the patch map it is just a single click away from the player seeing the “move to this patch” button.

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well, that move to this patch button almost blends with background. hence I didn’t realize that i was in the same place even though i pressed {move to this patch button}… after many failed attempts. I realized that the creature can only move one patch at a time.

So a tooltip {you can’t move here } would have helped me know that i can’t just skip the inbetween patchs.

and there were other places where tooltip could have helped me.

I’m pretty sure that the move to patch button, when disabled, doesn’t react to the mouse going over it, whereas most, if not all, buttons in the game get highlighted when the mouse is over them, if they can be pressed. So I think, while the opacity of the button could be increased, it is pretty clear when it can be pressed. Also the current patch you are in is highlighted.

One more thing: moving between patches is not super important for a player to notice straight away, so even if it can’t be immediately figured out, it isn’t a huge problem + an interactive tutorial will be much better than adding like extra text on top of the button saying “you can / can’t move to this patch”.

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I agree with you, a tutorial would be far superior to any tool tip, but such tutorial should be implemented when game is around 0.8.x or 0.9.x as major changes would have happened by then.

but for a new player some help will encourage the player to do more things {assuming he just got the game and played it on experimental basis. }

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