Toxin vacuole issue

the toxins are not fired from the front of the cell but to the cursor

Huh? They are fired in direction of cursor because cell follows the cursor - it rotates towards it


yes but with large unagile cells its like the vacuole toxin is a turret, I think it will be better if the toxin where fired in front of the cell and not in direcction of the cursor

Actually yeah, that might be the case. Can someone else confirm? I have a slight hunch that the code uses the direction the cell wants to point at and not the direction it is currently pointing at when firing.

Yep, I can confirm it’s firing towards the cursor and not the front of the microbe. Here’s the place in the code too (in Microbe.Interior.cs).


Not surprising this slipped through the cracks considering LookAtPoint has always been the microbe’s orientation until now.


Opened an issue:

Should be relatively easy to change the math to use the cell’s orientation quaternion to rotate the shooting direction so I tagged the issue easy.

Edit: removed the “visual-bug” tag from this thread as this actually affects the toxin firing direction and not just graphics.

Will toxin vacuole rotation in editor affect direction of toxin shooting, so you can for instance fire toxin from your back to attack microbes chasing you in future?

I think it will be interesting to have a variant of vacuole or a key to create a cloud of toxin

The plan has kind of always been to eventually move to a realistic toxin cloud releasing gameplay mechanic.

why not make that the toxins are released in the form of the already exising toxins clouds ?

But toxin clouds do not exist currently?

I mean the hazards cloud

They use the exact same particle emitter approach as fired toxins. They are not clouds.

could it be possible that a cell could “drop” these like mines to escape predators ?

If you want to discuss about different way to implement toxins, please continue this discussion in another thread.