Transition to Space

In Spore, we go from controlling the planet to building a Faster Than Light ship in seconds.
How would progression towards becoming spacefaring work on Thrive?

Well first you would have primitive space flight like the technology for space flight we have now and then it evolves over becoming more advanced

Yeah, Rednascar has it right. However, in Thrive, you wouldn’t need to be united to conquer space. Technology is the only barrier to the final frontier. The Space Race is known for being part of the Cold War, and we all know how Earth’s politics were back then. If one of the factions were to somehow invent FTL travel (which requires very advanced quantum physics study), we’d probably already have expanded to the nearby planets and moons, brawling between worlds.

your faction will be in space by the end of industrial stage(but they will not have FTL travel)

The whole point of the game is that there aren’t clear boundaries between stages. You’re right, Space Stage is defined by FTL technology, but the mechanisms for space travel will have already been established as you transition into space stage.
Besides, one could reject space altogether, and instead become very advanced on one planet. Maybe aliens are too scary, or you would rather build your economy.

here’s one cool idea instead of getting modern technology you get modernized victoria era technology And have space steam boats and space iron clads and have an awesome space british empire or just skip FTL all together and make a tesseract like from a wrinkle in time

i like it

Basically its a good idea, but spacecrafts need lots of energy, and i dont think that a Steam Engine the size of a house would even be enough. So the amount of fuel needed would be immense. And so on…
So it would be possible, but expensive.

no they dont use steam they use space dust

They use what now?

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Even I can’t think of a way for space dust to be turned to power.
And I’m usually the one coming up with controversial theories.


Or use solar power man lol