Umbruke Colonies (Side projects)

This thread is about the many projects I have planned or have been working on for the past few months.
I thought I should add this because I felt like I needed to show some others about it, so when I write stories relating to these (or anything really) in the Thrive Universe. RyanRobertson has been helping me with these things, he even had the Britomartis idea before I did. I had only suggested the idea of the Umbruke appearing on the moon.

The following will show all the side projects that are related to Thrive:

  • Britomartis

Umbruke: Britomartis, a large moon orbiting a gas giant known as Majriti, faces a catastrophic event. The Umbruke, an advanced interstellar species, are aiming to save the planet and its inhabitants from extinction.
They have established multiple research facilities to study the moons properties, as well as military outposts located in remote areas. But, the moon is littered with dangerous creatures and deadly viruses. They have hundreds, if not thousands of years to save the moon.
Will they prevail, or will they fall?

Sapiens: 10 million years after the Umbruke species presence on the moon, sapient species known as the Ottero and Rhewin have advanced. They have become nomadic tribes, moving from one place to the other. Buildng artifical land bridges, boats, spears, and other tools to surivive. One of them will become dominant, but it is possible that they will both prevail in their quest to evolve, and will unite to both become the dominant empire of Britomartis.

Members: RyanRobertson and RoboRomb

  • Planet 493BG6
    Located in the outer Tenebrarum arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, planet 493BG6 has been observed by a superior intellect, operating on the planet itself. These superior beings are known as the Umbruke, a vast interstellar species dedicated to knowledge and science, who have begun to expand across 493BG6’s sparkling blue sea.
    But this world is threatened by an uknown disease, known as the Asmora Bacterium. Asmora is a deadly disease that had begun to spread rapidly, possbily originating from meteorite collisons carrying it.
    The Asmora Bacterium spreads through other wildlife. Upon coming into contact with it, you are immediately infected.
    Worried that the young world has no chance against the disease, it is their only option to prevent the planets downfall.

Members: RoboRomb, RyanRobertson

Discord Servers:

Planet 493BG6

Feel free to contribute on these projects, but you don’t have to. These are simply Roleplay / Adventure type of things whilst we wait for Thrives development. This is meant to have a somewhat serious tone, but still educational at best.

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