Unable to Go to Editor After Game Load

Started a new game, and was on my merry way to my first evo (had full resource bars and ready to evo, actually), then had to save and exit. Returned and loaded the game, am able to move fine, but cannot enter the cell editor. Uploading the logs and (possibly separately) a copy of the game file, I’m going to derp around with a couple of other saves and see if I can replicate it.

Logs: https://pastebin.com/kTNF3DkU

If you mean that you saved when the editor was available (the editor button was active), then it’s a known problem that you can’t go to the editor after loading a save:

If you die and then gather enough compounds again, you can go to the editor.

Ah. Thanks, I hadn’t been able to find a bug report on the forums, so I figured I’d add it. Should have checked Github then.

I still have the save from when that happened to me, I can send it over if you would like.

There’s no need for a save like that, it’s easy enough to replicate the problem, and it’s pretty clear to me where the code needs to be changed so that the status of editor being enabled is saved as well.

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