Underwater Civilizations (Kinda)

Underwater creatures that some how achieve sapience either that either smeltle the meltle or use underwater caves is still a concept that a lot of people have belgium with. But, there’s an idea that could solve all of this.

Branching off from “Lets talk underwater civilizations (kill me)”, why don’t we just use the simple design of crustaceans instead of organisms with gills? A crustacean-like sapient could use its arms to build things, harvest material, and do much more than just that. They could even operate carbon based computers and pilot vehicles even. There are many new possibilities that can be opened with this.

Now, it wasn’t me who began the crustacean idea, it was @Kawuit who made one of them in the TU. One of those examples are the Ur’l, a perfect representation of what a crustaceous civilizations could look like.

They could build in both underwater and on land, either with artificial building material or using natural objects like rocks and stone to make houses out of.


Currently, i’m working on my own as well

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