Underwater Civilizations Take 3

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You’re kinda missing the point. The point isn’t that electricity is hard to generate underwater, it’s that electricity and water… doesn’t mix well. It’s only now that we are starting to get water-resistant (resistant, not even proof) computers, and those things only work because they’re created in a water-less environment were you can just put it in a waterproof casing.

Also, again, why would they do that? Remember that they don’t know about smelting metal yet. They’d need to create multiple watermills (using pretty godawful magnets, since they have no way of refining them), wire them together using graphite (since that’s basically the only non-metal conductor, and remember: they can’t smelt metal yet), which have to be isolated too, (and again, how would they do that? They can’t smelt plastic or something, so they’d need to surround it in a waterproof casing using materials they have to scavenge together), and then direct the electricity to a bit of metal. (You’d need a really high voltage too, since the metal is in ore form, which means a lot of it doesn’t even touch each other and you’d need to supply it with enough power to penetrate the stone inbetween) And why? They don’t know that smelting metal is something good yet. They have literally no reason to do any of those things.


To answer the question of why would they,
within the context of Thrive, it’s still a video game. Which means the ridiculously specific circumstances with no use prior can still be achieved by crafty players. So, IMO, the question is not “could an underwater civilization do this” but “could a player achieve this”.


That still means that if it is extremely, extremely specific circumstances that only a player could achieve, it is a very low priority for including in the game.
I won’t specifically prevent anyone from working on it, but it won’t be added to any milestone. So it won’t be in the game with any high probability anytime soon.

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Just wait until people find glitches that lets them smeltle the meltle.


Don’t worry, folks, we’ll have mods to add magic to the game.

(I’d like one that makes magic fade as technology advances, so it would be absent by the industrial stage.)

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To solve all the unrealistic stuff people want in the game there should be a mode where unrealistic stuff can be done like underwater civilisations


Even with LAWK off I haven’t seen any developers being interested in making underwater civs. And that’s reserved for physically still somewhat plausible things, so magical underwater civs are still of the table.

Any arguments for underwater civs will be ignored if they don’t get a large part of the dev team behind them. That’s why I dislike this discussion quite a bit as I have yet to see more than a tiny hint of plausibility in any explanations.

This isn’t an official decision but I’ll think we’ll officially only go as far as amphibian civilizations and some modder can do the rest.