Underwater thriving animation

(the crabs here can’t breathe air but most fish can stay alive for a few hours) this is why underwater thriving is a possibility by cheating the underwater part


this is just…amphibious civs…

well no he cant breathe above water

underwater+above water smelteling

This was all suggested in underwater civ threads before.

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Can I have a link to it please?

…And I’ve just realised you posted the same thing a year ago. :person_facepalming: Well done.

well they have to return to the water every few hours to breathe and not to rehydrate their breathing apparatuses so they are not amphibian

one flaw with that, humans have not done everything we have done to survive even during our early stages, the platform could even start out as just children playing with seaweed and some type of sea wood(which would probably grow above the water from the seafloor so there would really not be a need for a floating platform if it grew everywhere except for making the base of your foundry more sbelgiumy) and learning how to weave the seaweed into nets and asking their parents to break the sea wood into sticks so they can weave the sticks into the seaweave so they can put things on the (likely) tree anchored sea raft and their parents learning that their children did that and repeating what they did to store food out of the water where everything lives(assuming it’s a planet that can’t form landmasses for whatever reason) and reinforce it with more seaweed and seawood to make it hold more food with less space and even possibly plant the sea trees in a way that will allow them to use less seawood and seaweed to store the same amount of food and then it progresses to floaty foundry somewhere after that

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I liked the OP as I like to see the community being creative. Can’t say I really approve of the attempt to restart the underwater argument.

If your talk is suitable, go here:

If not, then you need to stop otherwise I need to either warn people or close this thread as a casualty.

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That is really better than my example of the player just making belgium using outside knowledge

But it would be possible to make platforms in the finished game, even if it is not intended to?

I’ll have to close this thread as I’m not mentally ready to read underwater arguments again.

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