Unintuitive download page

According to TheElephant on Discord (who does not wish to create a forums account), the releases page should be reorganized to better emphasize the Thrive Launcher download link.

Hey, just wanted to point out that the download for the launcher is kinda unintuitive.
i got into a confusing loop between the “How to Download” link on the “GitHub Releases” segment on https://revolutionarygamesstudio.com/releases/
and the “here you go” link on https://wiki.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/wiki/How_to_Download

took me a bit to realise i should click the “Thrive Launcher”, as it looks like a text segment title.
either add a “click here”. recolor it. add an arrow… or… i dont know. but it just looks like a text title.

Added an extra link to the launcher releases page to the “Thrive Launcher” section on that page.

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