Unofficial Thrive Forum Game Competition 2

@Null, I don’t have your vote!

I finished Round 17.

@aah31415 @Pac_Mine @sci0927 @TwilightWings21 @doomlightning @fralegend015

If you want to control more species just ask! (to a max of three)
There is a detail about Thermastalis, it is marked both as 2 consumer and 1 consumer. I need to now wich it is, so some species success will vary.

Main-Better Chemoreception
Vgt-Basic numb limbs
No modifier

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Main: better poison
VGT: fix flagellum
+1 to myself

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Thermastalis it’s primary consumer

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Vote: Electrotrophy


Vote: Low Pressure Resistance


Vote: Fix whirlpool hunting

Edit: +2 to @doomlightning


vote: connected water vascular
GT: red pigment

I will take the reward with super mutant:
Super mutant: Pharyngeal slit like stomach sack zooid specelaze in effective Filtering food (to decomposer for efficiency)

+2 to fra certamen
(I will become a true decomposer)
I think u miss that:

maybe I wrong

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You can take me oyt of the game since i cant really play

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Ok, thank you!

I missed it, sorry

Thanks a lot for participating in the game!
I will play it as a NPC and try to make it survive, if you come back you could play as its descendants.

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Will doom’s modifier go to Trilumis?

Yes, it will go to Trillumis

What its needed for a plant to colonize land?

It is on the manual, I can only recall now about pigment, a way to exchange gases and resistance to losing water (desecation resistance). If you are already on land you can go deeper into land if you have a way to get nutrients and water from the environment (like roots). Now it is a barren wasteland, so you will need to colonize little by little to get a fertile land.

My laptop is broken :broken_heart::sob:
I don’t know when it’s going to get fixed. All my plans for the game are there, so I will need to halt the round for some days. Hopefully by Wednesday it is going to be fixed if it isn’t anything serious

04/09 @fralegend015, I don’t have your votes. @TwilightWings21 , won’t you use your GTs vote?

I finished Round 18.

@aah31415 @Pac_Mine @sci0927 @TwilightWings21 @doomlightning @fralegend015
Please do your votes.

Main: lower pressure resistance
Modifier: -1 sofface

I didn’t use GT votes because the rules said after round 10 we could only use them every other round

Edit: do we get a free vote to use this round or next?

Special vote- circulatory system
Vote- better chemoreception
Vgt- omnivore adaptations

Special vote- Circulatory system based on cilia

Modifier: -1 sci

vote - heart
GT - red pigmet (if have already - change back to black)

+2 to aa

What happened?

It’s been 3 weeks since round 18 dropped, is this game still alive?

Considering that it’s been already over a month since pac_mine last responded, I am at this point pretty sure that his laptop got seriously damaged and the forum game is dead.