Update Names

Like all games, large updates usually have names (not bug fixes, actual updates).
For example, we should give these large updates not a name like ‘Plant Update’, but rather ‘Pollination Sensation Update’. What are your ideas for possible updates and their names?


How about the ‘Scientific Phenomenon’ update?

I like this idea. We shall come up with a name.


Unconventional update names are always an option. Paradox Interactive names major Stellaris updates after science fiction authors, for instance.

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The “It that must not be named” Update

(Those other types of civilisations, you know?)

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the ocean update can be called something like
“Back To The Sea Update”
cause your cell grown up in a sea, right?

1.0 can be called
the “No, no, this is real” update

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1.0 is just the microbe stage tho (though granted, that would still be pretty fucking impressive)


something like
“You guys wont belive it Update”

Oh god you became spoopy for the halloween.

Now everyone is spoopy for halloween

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Let’s not get off-topic!
Here’s an update name:
“The Update That Should Have Never Happened”- TUT SHNN, for short

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‘The Bug Update’

Implements insects

And programming mistakes

Ok i’ll stop :laughing:

So… every update?

“Hawking Radiation”

Implements black holes into the game.