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A little something like Image Telephone. We’re basically upgrading a weapon through Ages. Before the game begins - and I’ll let you know with my post tomorrow morning - it’s only natural that we start at the beginning with natural resources, but I’m a little torn between which one to start. Which do you say?

  • :bone:Bone
  • :herb:Branch
  • :new_moon:Rock

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Looks like Branch and Rock have tied, but I’m going with branch. As we begin, I’d like to establish some things:

  • Your image must be shared via link/url
  • The evolution must be very gradual. Think in terms of tech editor in Awakening forward.
  • Backgrounds are encouraged, to set the mood for the age.
  • Yes, there are Ages, like Civilization or Empire Earth. I will announce when we enter a new Age.
  • You should probably describe your improvements and the evolved weapon’s uses.

I think that’s satisfactory details. Not gonna delay any further.

:face_in_clouds: 1 - Dawning Age
You awaken in the middle of a forest, completely naked. Your first instinct, after collecting food and water, is to break off a branch from a nearby tree for self-defense. Though you know for sure you can do better.
(Story is optional, though you could add some if you like)
Weapon LVL 1.

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should these just be weapons? no other tools?

and can these weapons evolve and branch off (pun very intended) into more than one type of weapon?

Military use is mandatory, though that’s not to say they can’t serve other purposes.

They could branch off, if you want. It would add immersion.

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Since I appear to be the only one playing…

After pruning the branch a bit, you can hit foxes and the like a little harder, but the tool itself is just as weak as before. What can you do to make it more durable?
Weapon LVL2

Also here’s a chart so I can keep track of our evo:
Upgrade Heroes Timeline - Google Sheets

hey i was working on a level up!
also wouldnt the speed increase because its lighter?

Over 6 HOURS? Or were you caught up in other things?

And sure, fixed the speed a little in the chart. That’s what we’ll go by, not necessarily the images.

yea i was quite busy
now time for Level 3

“BRANCHES, TOGETHER, STRONG” you thought, so you got another branch and pruned it, then, you attached the two branches you had, and now your weapon is slightly more durable! it can also reduce some of the incoming damage from creatures if used right.
Weapon LVL. 3

DAMN that’s quality pixel art

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Is this forum game dead?

Yeah think its dead. I remember voting on the first poll

its dead cuz no one bothered playing lol
yall can still revive it

Suggestion for ages:
Age 1- Dawning age
Age 2- Tribal age
Age 3- Neolithic- farming begins
Age 4- Copper/neolithic
Age 5- Bronze age
Age 6 - Iron age
Age 7- Dark ages - a period of hardship
Age 8 - early Middle ages
Age 9 - high middle ages
Age 10 - renaissence
Age 11 - age of discovery
Age 12 - age of exploration
Age 13 - Colonial age
Age 14 - Coal age - like a transition between colonial and industrial, basically, 1750-1800
Age 15 - Industrial age
Age 16 - Age of machines
Age 17 - Proggresive age
Age 18 - atomic age
Age 19 - space age
Age 20 - modern age
Age 21 - Information age
Age 22 - Digital age - like information age but with modern computers and smart phones
Age 23 - Emergent age
Age 24- Smart age
Age 25 - Interplanetary exploration age - contact with aliens
Age 26 - Age of automation
Age 27 - Cyber age
Age 28 - Interplanetary age
Age 29 - Interstellar age
Age 30 - Intergalactic age
Age 31 - Universal age
Age 32 - Warp age
Age 33 - Time age
Age 34 - multiversal age
Age 35 - Omniversal age
Age 36 - Transdimensional age
Age 37- reality age - missions begin to send people out of reality
Age 38 - backrooms age - turns out it is the backrooms, but what is out of the backrooms and over the void
Age 39 - void age - cities are built in the void containing the backrooms to hold the exponentially rising population
Age 40 - Ascension age - the true meaning to existence is discovered, and awareness exponentially rises, now at a point that they see human awareness like the consciousness of a bug
Age 41 - Beyond age- turns out the only way out of the seemingly infinite void was ascension, and mysterious entities are discovered
Age 42 - Infinity age- Life is meaning… Omnipotence is everything… Clouds… Light… Everything… Back and forth… everything is everything… 42… nothing is nothing… meaning is meaning…

edit: I ended on 42 on purpose

may i axe you a question: level 4? yes.
level up!
you find a flat rock and decide to wedge it inbetween the two sticks and then tied some grass around it to keep it in place. the hard stone makes it have stronger attacks and better defence. but stone is heavy and so it is slower
Weapon LVL. 4

Let’s give it a go.The previous picture inspired me, and I’m a very poor drawer, so let me just borrow parts of what was before. O:) I’m more in for the evolution.

Your new tool is super effective ! You happily smash everything in this forest that dares standing in your way! Except, of course, for that tiny little root under your feet. Tiny, but dangerous. You trip over it and fall. Wait, where’s your weapon?

You hastily look for it! You don’t wan’t to be unarmed in this dangerous place… Where can this weapon be? You try to scan the area for branches, a stone and grass… before realising you are in the middle of a forest. So much for salience.

After minutes that drove over hours, you finally manage to find your weapon back. But you should make sure not to find yourself in this situation again…
Level Up!
Seing a chicken running in the wood, you decide to chase it and take a few feathers from it. You attach them to the rear of the stone, so that they get very visible and stay in place if you trip again. This doesn’t change much the weapon efficiency, but it is now more visible!

Weapon LVL. 5 (4.5?)