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A little something like Image Telephone. We’re basically upgrading a weapon through Ages. Before the game begins - and I’ll let you know with my post tomorrow morning - it’s only natural that we start at the beginning with natural resources, but I’m a little torn between which one to start. Which do you say?

  • :bone:Bone
  • :herb:Branch
  • :new_moon:Rock

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Looks like Branch and Rock have tied, but I’m going with branch. As we begin, I’d like to establish some things:

  • Your image must be shared via link/url
  • The evolution must be very gradual. Think in terms of tech editor in Awakening forward.
  • Backgrounds are encouraged, to set the mood for the age.
  • Yes, there are Ages, like Civilization or Empire Earth. I will announce when we enter a new Age.
  • You should probably describe your improvements and the evolved weapon’s uses.

I think that’s satisfactory details. Not gonna delay any further.

:face_in_clouds: 1 - Dawning Age
You awaken in the middle of a forest, completely naked. Your first instinct, after collecting food and water, is to break off a branch from a nearby tree for self-defense. Though you know for sure you can do better.
(Story is optional, though you could add some if you like)
Weapon LVL 1.

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should these just be weapons? no other tools?

and can these weapons evolve and branch off (pun very intended) into more than one type of weapon?

Military use is mandatory, though that’s not to say they can’t serve other purposes.

They could branch off, if you want. It would add immersion.

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Since I appear to be the only one playing…

After pruning the branch a bit, you can hit foxes and the like a little harder, but the tool itself is just as weak as before. What can you do to make it more durable?
Weapon LVL2

Also here’s a chart so I can keep track of our evo:
Upgrade Heroes Timeline - Google Sheets

hey i was working on a level up!
also wouldnt the speed increase because its lighter?

Over 6 HOURS? Or were you caught up in other things?

And sure, fixed the speed a little in the chart. That’s what we’ll go by, not necessarily the images.

yea i was quite busy
now time for Level 3

“BRANCHES, TOGETHER, STRONG” you thought, so you got another branch and pruned it, then, you attached the two branches you had, and now your weapon is slightly more durable! it can also reduce some of the incoming damage from creatures if used right.
Weapon LVL. 3

DAMN that’s quality pixel art

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