Vacoule Storage Idea

Instead of storing chemicals subdivided in vacuoles, perhaps you should have it store all that it can, but if the cell comes across another compound cloud, the vacuole will release old material until it is split. For instance, you have 100% glucose stored, then you absorb oxygen, and the cell releases the glucose as waste, until half is glucose and half is oxygen. Then add something like ammonia, and the vacuole has 33% glucose, 33% oxygen, and 33% ammonia. Or you could do something with priorities, like the cell gets rid of less wanted items. Also, the toxins don’t make sense to me. Cells have a membrane, which is supposed to keep unwanted things out. Wouldn’t this deny toxin’s access?


I’m a fan of this idea, but don’t know enough about biology to know the feasibility. I remember a bit of concept art where each vacuole had a specific compound, so you’d need a vacuole for oxygen, one for glucose, etc., but I think people decided against that.

I’m however not entirely sure about the specifics with agents and membranes. I summon @Spode, who knows more about these things than most

Vacuoles are the sorta thing thats skimmed over in Biology class

We have already switched to having separate storage space for each compound. So you can have the max amount of ammonia stored and pickup oxygen until you are full on oxygen as well.

AFAIK toxins specifically evolve to exploit some transport mechanism that legitimate substances use to enter a cell.

this makes sense, because otherwise toxins would be useless.
refresh my memory, how does the player gain access to toxin vacuoles?

The previous idea was that they would need to pick up a random number of free-floating toxins (something like 3-5), but I think for the next version it will be just unlocked from the start and can be added in the editor.

I should also note that the unlocking was bugged in 0.3.4 and didn’t work.


…? No… how do you get toxin vacoules…?

This is being fixed in 0.4.0, i think

@hhyyrylainen was correct it is unlocked from the start now.

Actually, what is there left to be done in 0.4.0?

Just some editor stuff (displaying the 3d models for the organelles you add instead of hexes, and redoing and undoing), i dont think much else, then theres obviously getting it balanced, and getting the new 3d models in)

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