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I hear by declare this the Steve video game idea thread.

This one will be small I swear. This is a game where you survive a robot filled world in the distant future. It would be DayZ style survival game and would feature a fully destructible environment. All weapons would cause environmental damage, including the robots. This is also my least original idea, survival games have been a thing including robot survival games (granted they are the minority).

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NO! this is a thread for everyone.

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Someone challenges my rule? I see, make a video game idea, a legitimate one, and my crown is lost. Your idea cannot be a variation of one of mine nor be a copy of an already made game. Do these things and I shall abdicate from ruler of the video game idea thread.

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I just want an RTS where:
You can steal weaponry/ammo/armor/etc. to give yourself a boost if you’re behind (E.G. you could kill some futuristic soldier and learn how to operate their energy weaponry while you’re way behind to get a couple elite troops) and ammo/food/etc. all need to be managed. (Don’t have enough soldiers to properly fight a massive army? Just go full Russian style and take down their supply routes to watch them die of hunger!)

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A thing I have been hoping a long while for is a remade version of Okunen Monagotari: The Shinka Ron (Evo: The Theory Of Evolution is the English translation) that would have graphical improvements. (the only thing I want for this game remake is for it to be released to computer/laptop types that are still being made and maybe slight graphic Improvement).

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My god this is long.
Alright, this idea is not an original. I want to make a new starship troopers game or at least a insect swarm vs humans game. This would be an RTS like one of the old ones. The humans wouldn’t have bases in the game, instead calling in dropships in order to train units. The humans and bugs would gain resources by controlling mineral springs (gotta make something up). When humans gain control of a spring a fort is built around it, it only adds defenses, it is not a base. When the bugs control a spring they build a hive. The bugs have to destroy the fort to capture the spring and the humans need to destroy the hive to capture the spring. Bug hives act as unit spawn, the main hive produces units faster than smaller hives. Hive will produce units automatically, the commander would not need to micro all their hives, only needing to select the type of bug that will be produced and they will continue producing until told to make something else. The humans have a main fort that will have heavy gun emplacements and turrets. If the humans lose their main base, they lose, and if the bug loses their main hive, they lose. The humans have the ability to get engineer squads which can build bunkers (1 squad), heavy bunkers (2 squads), gun emplacements (1 squad), and turrets (automatic). The main bug unit, the drone, can make traps (hidden pits that kill a squad), and tunnels (bug units can travel 3 times the speed in underground tunnels which ignores terrain). Bugs can train flying units which can be controlled manually and never leave the battlefield by humans need to select a target for bombing runs or orbital bombardment. Bugs can make plasma bugs which disable orbital bombardement until they are destroyed. Due to the lack of air units the humans have good anti-air capabilities but will prioritize ground units unless ordered to attack the air units. Human squads can have their weapon changed at any time at a fort. Humans can also use resources to research new units such as power armor, heavy mech suits, tanks and other ground vehicles. There will be a galactic map where the bugs and humans fight for control of planets. There would be three different planet types, hot, cold, temperate. Hot planets give bonuses to speed and health to bugs while cold planets slow movement of both humans and bugs but vehicles are unaffected and bugs move slower than humans and have a health debuff (bugs would need to prioritize quality over quantity on cold worlds). Temperate worlds offer no buffs or debuffs.
The game is won have conquering the other species main planet.

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So… heavily modified Starcraft?

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So this game is like programming

It’s about killing bugs

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That wasn’t the comparison I was expecting. I thought someone would bring up Company of Heroes or Grey Goo. How many games can you think of (that are RTS) where bases aren’t a thing?

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But… But… bases are a thing. You have the main hive and fort, and outer smaller hives and forts for the mineral deposits.

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Only bugs have bases in the conventional sense (making units). Human bases are strictly defensive structures as they spawn units using dropships. Mineral springs are just capture points that give resources.

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Hi just wanted to put my dream video game idea:
An RTS fps hybrid game now here me out So in terms of the rts part it would be like Supreme Commander but the rts player can manually control every unit in first person Other people (if you toggle it or invite them) can join the game as little soldier guys who can hop into any vehicle they want and control it (the Rts player can decide what they’re allowed or perhaps the soldiers can make vehicles for free without blocking the queue in the factory )
The other part of this is the fact that you can enter the buildings and fight inside them more like an arena shooter or just look at the stuff being constructed

Another cool idea is The Experimentals From Supreme Commander But they also have rooms inside so friendly Soldier fps guys can ride on them but enemies can hop inside and destroy it

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This is only similar to one aspect of your idea but there is a game called Natural Selection 2. There are 2 teams, humans and aliens, which need to battle over resource and tech nodes. Resource nodes give resources, obviously, while tech nodes are where you place new command chairs/hives. There is a commander for booths sides, they get into the command chair and hive and the game will start after that. The commanders place down structures and research upgrades for the other players. Alien building build themselves so all alien player have to do is attack and defend while human players have to build the structures that their commander places. Another thing to consider is that commanders can be kicked out of the chair/hive if their team votes on it and there are set build orders that you should probably adhere to if you play this. I really wanted to bring this game up because it’s small and needs more players, even so it’s fun and you should start playing.

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As a matter of fact i had ns2 but i dont consider it an rts cause :1 its too small 2 theres no units for the commander to control My want for a dream game has been slightly fulfilled by Executive assault

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Alright, time to necro this thread again.
I have an idea for another strategy game. This one is an RTS with 3 factions (originally 2). The original factions were zombies and humans but I decided to do robots as well just because. The resource in the game are the building in the map. The humans gain population for each building which they use to make soldiers, tanks, and other vehicles. If the humans control enough buildings (close to half) they get super walls which are extremely hard to destroy. The zombies infect buildings which produce a constant stream of zombies. Zombies can fuse together to create different types of super zombies, flyers, juggernauts, and if they have thousands of zombies to spare they can make a titan zombies which is almost unstoppable (easily killed without a horde escort). The robots convert buildings into various different kinds of building such as defense building (which all have their own mini modules for kinds of weapons), factories (produce units), power generators (all robots buildings and units have power needs), and mines. If the robots have enough energy and metal they can choose between one of two super options, a super cannon which destroys everything in a huge radius but has a long charge up times and shows it’s position on the map while charging, or a super destroyer which is like the zombie titan but does more and is easier to kill (of course it’s ranged).
I think it’s important for games to make all of their factions unique in gameplay such as the whole, some have resources, some just spawn things. Having similar factions that all play the same but with mildly different units just isn’t that engaging.

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I am done announcing necro on this thread because every post I do on here is necro.
So this would be a sequel to the game I suggested earlier which is alternate japan and korea war with magic crystals only this one would take place much later in this alternate world around modern day. The timeline plays out the same as today only without gunpowder being invented because the crystals serve that role. The crystals release large amounts of energy when broken, more than just normal extracting and as such crystal bombs are now used. It would show crystal powered vehicles firing energy beams instead of fireball like pulses of energy. Due to many years of refinement these weapons are no longer big and bulky but are now in personal crystal beam rifles. This would show a Third World War with 5 factions, a coalition of Europe and North America, unifited South America, united Africa, united Europe, and a united archepeoligo. The crystals work like Tiberius if you have played command and conquer in that they spread like a virus and most of the Middle East is now just crystal with crystal farms being made around the world for both powering cities and the weapons. This would not work like the other games where the map changes depending on who win but would be a dynamic MMO world with changing fronts. If a faction is wiped out all of the players get to choose what faction they want to switch to for free (you select a faction for your character and it costs in game currency to change it). When the war is over and the map resets then all players revert back to their original faction (unless they paid to have their allegiance changed).

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A MMO game that actually is basically a large scale game of command and conquer where your actions actually matter is the greatest idea for a game i’ve heard if i ever do follow through with my ambition of making video games im making you co director of that game or sum shit like that

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I want to work on my first game independently, probably a first person shooter but that might change. After that I might make another game solo and then look to join a studio. Idk what to do really.

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This is my idea for my first game. A simple little game that would be a cave RTS. One side is a swarm based bug faction and the other would be the standard human faction. This would be a vertical 2D (platforms) map. The human player would have to build ropes and use jet packs to get their forces around while the bugs would just run on the walls and have flying variants. This wouldn’t be a very complicated game. Not many unit or building types but that’s why it is a bigger game. The humans would have a rifleman, a shotgunned, and a juggernaut (super tanky with a rapid fire shotgun). The bugs would have grunts (small, no cost, spawn hives), stingers (flying ranged unit, expensive, high damage) and a dreadnaught (High health, high damage, slow firerate ranged AoE, slow moving). The game would run on an income system, control the crystal mine entrances around the map to increase income. The humans would have a shotgun and machine gun turret, a barracks (train all units), an armory (upgrade damage, health, jet packs) and rope tethers (ropes go vertical by default , two tethers across a gap allows for horizontal travel. The insects get hives (spawn constant stream off grunts and trains each unit type), a mutation pool (upgrades like humans but also speed, and a jump ability (grunts to jump off walls to hit jetpacks), acid tower (very weak compare to human turrets but deals damage over time) and tunnels (fast way to travel around map).

Wow, even for a simple game this is a lot of description.

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Update on this, I am making my game idea (or atleast something similar) on starcraft 2 as an arcade game. I will tell you guys when it’s done. This is going to be exciting.