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Alright, time to necro this thread again.
I have an idea for another strategy game. This one is an RTS with 3 factions (originally 2). The original factions were zombies and humans but I decided to do robots as well just because. The resource in the game are the building in the map. The humans gain population for each building which they use to make soldiers, tanks, and other vehicles. If the humans control enough buildings (close to half) they get super walls which are extremely hard to destroy. The zombies infect buildings which produce a constant stream of zombies. Zombies can fuse together to create different types of super zombies, flyers, juggernauts, and if they have thousands of zombies to spare they can make a titan zombies which is almost unstoppable (easily killed without a horde escort). The robots convert buildings into various different kinds of building such as defense building (which all have their own mini modules for kinds of weapons), factories (produce units), power generators (all robots buildings and units have power needs), and mines. If the robots have enough energy and metal they can choose between one of two super options, a super cannon which destroys everything in a huge radius but has a long charge up times and shows it’s position on the map while charging, or a super destroyer which is like the zombie titan but does more and is easier to kill (of course it’s ranged).
I think it’s important for games to make all of their factions unique in gameplay such as the whole, some have resources, some just spawn things. Having similar factions that all play the same but with mildly different units just isn’t that engaging.

I am done announcing necro on this thread because every post I do on here is necro.
So this would be a sequel to the game I suggested earlier which is alternate japan and korea war with magic crystals only this one would take place much later in this alternate world around modern day. The timeline plays out the same as today only without gunpowder being invented because the crystals serve that role. The crystals release large amounts of energy when broken, more than just normal extracting and as such crystal bombs are now used. It would show crystal powered vehicles firing energy beams instead of fireball like pulses of energy. Due to many years of refinement these weapons are no longer big and bulky but are now in personal crystal beam rifles. This would show a Third World War with 5 factions, a coalition of Europe and North America, unifited South America, united Africa, united Europe, and a united archepeoligo. The crystals work like Tiberius if you have played command and conquer in that they spread like a virus and most of the Middle East is now just crystal with crystal farms being made around the world for both powering cities and the weapons. This would not work like the other games where the map changes depending on who win but would be a dynamic MMO world with changing fronts. If a faction is wiped out all of the players get to choose what faction they want to switch to for free (you select a faction for your character and it costs in game currency to change it). When the war is over and the map resets then all players revert back to their original faction (unless they paid to have their allegiance changed).

A MMO game that actually is basically a large scale game of command and conquer where your actions actually matter is the greatest idea for a game i’ve heard if i ever do follow through with my ambition of making video games im making you co director of that game or sum shit like that

I want to work on my first game independently, probably a first person shooter but that might change. After that I might make another game solo and then look to join a studio. Idk what to do really.

This is my idea for my first game. A simple little game that would be a cave RTS. One side is a swarm based bug faction and the other would be the standard human faction. This would be a vertical 2D (platforms) map. The human player would have to build ropes and use jet packs to get their forces around while the bugs would just run on the walls and have flying variants. This wouldn’t be a very complicated game. Not many unit or building types but that’s why it is a bigger game. The humans would have a rifleman, a shotgunned, and a juggernaut (super tanky with a rapid fire shotgun). The bugs would have grunts (small, no cost, spawn hives), stingers (flying ranged unit, expensive, high damage) and a dreadnaught (High health, high damage, slow firerate ranged AoE, slow moving). The game would run on an income system, control the crystal mine entrances around the map to increase income. The humans would have a shotgun and machine gun turret, a barracks (train all units), an armory (upgrade damage, health, jet packs) and rope tethers (ropes go vertical by default , two tethers across a gap allows for horizontal travel. The insects get hives (spawn constant stream off grunts and trains each unit type), a mutation pool (upgrades like humans but also speed, and a jump ability (grunts to jump off walls to hit jetpacks), acid tower (very weak compare to human turrets but deals damage over time) and tunnels (fast way to travel around map).

Wow, even for a simple game this is a lot of description.

Update on this, I am making my game idea (or atleast something similar) on starcraft 2 as an arcade game. I will tell you guys when it’s done. This is going to be exciting.

Game idea inspired by Star wars Forced Unleashed tech demos and idle thoughts what if there was a fps sci fi shooter game where everything * players, aliens, mechs * were all Euphoria style ragdoll physics things giving more freedom for things to do without a poor animator being overworked making animations for stuff another thing inspired from Force unleashed demos was DMM so heres my game idea

A sci fi shooter game where everything uses Euphoria style physics animations Mechs will be a core part of combat in the game with most multiplayer modes having stations where you can construct mechs using points you’ve acquired vehicles and buildings will use DMM technology and allow for great amounts of destruction the mechs are the only things that use the physics movement and DMM at the same time lots of things would be possible with this I.E shooting the pilots of mechs through the walls the Euphoria movement thing would allow the player to do stuff like grab onto ledges when falling or do rolls and stuff to avoid floor damage the results would be limitless

the Singleplayer (or some game modes) will involve alien creatures you have to fight off which also use the same physics movement the aliens will come in many varieties and of course will try and push and exploit the movement system to interesting results

The story would take place in the year 2116 where after discovering a strange human artifact humans come into contact with the artifact comes to live telling humanity it will make a deal with them: Vast knowledge of future technologies right now at the present Space travel and Mechs ETC but the catch is the people who wish to receive the knowledge will be teleported to an alien planet and all their bodies will be jellified and made wobbly and physicsy about 300,000 people agree to do so and are teleported to the planet Triaxis once there science and research were done and mechs, laser guns, jetpacks, and other sci fi things thought to be impossible are created after most of the tech mentioned was prototype a problem arised… Who would lead this new planet and empire? Immediately argument broke out and Argument turned into Mild fighting and Mild fighting turned to WAR! the humans there split into three groups

The Terran Empire- A faction comprised of Militaristic Individuals whose core goal is to bring order to the planet and focus on going back home to earth along with the technology created

The New Republic - A faction comprised of Rebels who want to Create a new order and core goal is to control the planet and use it as a base of operations to take over earth and put their new Republic as the governing command

The Techno Sovereignty - A faction comprised of Scientific individuals who want to advance their tech and bring peace to the planet and remain there to keep studying both it and create more tech

84 years later…

Times have changed as it turns out the strange artifact forgot to mention a few things namely 1. the New found scientific knowledge dwindled in power after a month whilst great knowledge was still there FTL tech was something that was hard to get and 2. it had also made this same deal with Sentient alien races now the Planet is in chaos after so many years everyone has kinda changed a bit

The Terran empire hasn’t - changed much but have become hostilely Xenophobic and are hell bent on eradicating the sentient alien species and eradicating them from the planet and The universe they haven’t changed much other than the Xenophobia and their goal remains the same
The New Republic have become more prominent throughout the planet but have become terrible engineers their tech is primitive and mostly ballistic based as opposed to the new laser, plasma and rail guns used by other factions they have become more akin to the empire in star wars

The Techno Sovereignty Have changed the most over the years become Fanatical Zealots over the Alien tech left behind by the precursors on the planet (the tech leaks toxic gas and radiation constantly and has turned them insane ) and have become more akin to a Scientifically superior Warhammer 40k imperium Luckily this Zealous protection of the planet is the only thing stopping them from Conquering earth and the other alien planets in the galaxy all their weapons and tech are hovering and laser/ energy based

The majority of the alien factions died due to the Terran Empire and the fact that two of them were fanatical purifiers who killed the other alien factions only one faction is left which was the most technologically superior faction known as the Xerza all their tech hovers (even when it doesn’t need to) and floats they have a neon color scheme and lined appearance and are insectoid in appearance They believe that the planet earth should be annihilated to prevent reinforcements coming to the planet after the tech has been delivered all these factors have caused a great technological delay and after those 84 years Technological development has skyrocketed once more and a race to gain FTL tech is afoot the conceptual mechs and laserguns of the past have been made reality and battle is ready to begin

This idea is a pretty neat one i thought to myself if large open world games like GTA and Red dead redemption 2 use euphoria maybe a FPS game could as well i dunno ask me questions for stuff related to that game if you want

I find it funny how almost every single game idea involves teams or factions of some sort…

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Well simple Quantum, How else would you explain the group of people shooting eachother with mechs and laser guns with wobbly physics legs on an alien planet’s backstory?

Alright. Here’s an idea that doesn’t involve factions or combat at all.
It’s a cooperative puzzle game based on colorblindness.
By default, the players are in a state of achromatopsia - complete color blindness. All they can see is light and shadow.
Every level provides glass eyes pertaining to the three primary colors (red, green, blue). When one is equipped, the player can see certain mechanisms or through certain substances in that color.
Success will depend upon working together to complement each other’s disability.


a few ideas I have:
-a tactical fps based in the kaiserriech universe .
-a racing game encompassing all the FIA racing series(the world and european ones plus any series that don’t exist anymore)with the exception of any kart or truck racing series,with an non FIA series being added through DlC.
-another racing game but with only European cars and more in depth tuning.
-a game like forza horizon 4 but with motorcycles.

I have this idea of a racetrack builder where you build a dead-end racetrack, and then you race a dummy and witness some MAJOR DAMAGE. I know Turbo Dismount has a similar concept, but instead of a few pre-made levels with a few placeable obstacles, I think you could make your own levels.

I have an idea for a more relaxing game. You are hired to take photos on an alien planet of the native flora and fauna. You are given missions to find different species and You hike through their habitats searching for them.

Anyways…Happy birthday @hhyyrylainen

A game where you the player play as the enemies in a FPS shooter game and your goal is to stop the protagonist from finishing the game by killing him you’d be restricted by the same things Ai enemies would be but you can basically play as a large variety of enemies and be able to tactically set up traps for the Protagonist
A potential multiplayer mode where sum of your friends are other enemies and one friend gets to be the FPS player and finish the game

While this is a good idea, keep in mind that protagonist technically means the main character. The player playing through your levels would actually be the antagonist.

I mean think about it as if you (the player playing as the enemies ) are basically the combine from half life that would technically make you an antagonist

You’re confusing the terms “Hero” and “Protagonist”, they aren’t the same thing. The person or thing that the game/story revolves around is the main character, the protagonist. The hero playing through the levels, fighting your forces has conflicting interests to you, and is the antagonist.


oh okay then Hidden sneaky ninja words hiya

An idea I’ve recently had for a new video game would be a game about being on the evil side of an rpg and trying to work your way up the ranks of a corrupted legion by covertly killing your superiors so you can take their place by studying their routines and attacking them from the shadows when there’s nobody else around and after you kill them you can steal their weapons so you can use them against the next superior. In between the killings of the higher ranked members of the legion you would do missions to make the legion trust you enough to not be suspected as a traitor which would range from simple dirty work such as preparing weaponry to launching full scale assaults on the opposite side of the war. When none of the previously mentioned things are happening you can fight against the Alliance (just a generic name since I don’t want to complicate the naming too much in this post) along with your fellow legion members to get strong enough to kill your next superior. Killing your superiors will act like fighting a boss or miniboss as the members of the legion are ranked by power and later on trust as well meaning the rank above you would be stronger in combat until you’ve taken the place of your superiors. Once you’ve gotten to the highest rank of the legion and therefore command it you could either bring peace to the world by ending the war or launch a final assault on the alliance’s main stronghold and last defense to be fought so the massive legion you’re commanding can conquer the alliance along with the rest of the world. The final fight would be against the combined power of all of the world’s nation generals which would create a temporary pact to take your character down as a group of four generals. If you surrendered to them earlier you would have been renowned among the four nations due to killing the legion leader and basically saving them all. If you were victorious against the four nation generals you would become more corrupt than the previous general and single handedly destroy the entire legion leaving the world to be claimed by the wilds that remained after the war.

Another idea I’ve just now had takes place on an alien world with aliens of massive scale (top predators on land varying from 400 meters long to 700 meters long and top predators in the sea varying from 1400 meters long to 2100 meters long) the main goal is to consume the top predators of both land and sea. you would start as a legless invertebrate resembling an earthworm that is only a millimetre long. The main gameplay mechanic would be stealing the genetic code of other organisims to the benefit of your own species’s growth and ability to consume other organisims. The way you would steal the genetic code at first would be by latching onto the other organisim and absorbing some of it’s cells and later on you would be too large to latch onto organisims like a leech so you would have to grow an appendage to stab into the organisim you want to steal DNA from. after stealing the DNA you can chose which parts of the genetic code you will add to your own and which parts will be assimilated by converting them to nutrients. After you consume the largest predator on this planet you will enter a cutscene of your organisim escaping the atmosphere of the planet to search for larger predators in space (this game isn’t meant to be that realistic but wouldn’t look cartoonish either) as your organisim has outgrown the original planet. After entering space your final goal would be to consume an entire star and when this goal is met you will have completed the game. Before consuming a star you would be able to move freely between 50 star systems to consume whatever your organisim comes by in space. After you have entered space generally the things you can consume will have become much less organic as you would be the only living thing in space besides space shuttles with organisims inside of it which you would also consume.