Video Game Recommendations

Hello! I thought I’d make this topic so that people can recommend games that they’ve been playing to others, if they’re struggling to find something enjoyable to play or if they simply want a new experience. I hope this thread is useful to someone!

My Recommendation!

I’ll share a game first that I’ve been having a lot of fun playing recently, and because of the nature of these forums I think a some of you might really enjoy the concept too. It’s an early-access game called The Fermi Paradox, based around the famous paradox with the same name. You play as an abstract, god-like entity, guiding civilizations through the ages and trying to save them from the ever-looming threat of extinction. You will have to weaken some of your civilizations in the short-term term to build up enough Synthesis, the game’s resource, to save them from worse threats, such as the possibility of a deadly global pandemic in the Nautical Age, or a nuclear war. Your long-term goal is for these civilizations to make contact with one-another, but the massive travel times between worlds will make this quite difficult. Will your civilizations create a FTL communications network to co-exist, or will their attempt to build a warp-gate network across the galaxy end in tragedy? It’s a really fun game, and I really like the concept!


My list: sensitive people beware, as the planet is barely moderated), Manyland, Terraria, Roblox, Civilization 2 online(yes actually), Age of empires 4,

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My list:
  • Cities: Skylines (with mods and DLCs)
  • Crusader Kings II
  • Garry’s Mod
  • House Flipper
  • Hue
  • Kerbal Space Program
  • Plague Inc: Evolved
  • Portal
  • Portal 2
  • RimWorld
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
  • Stellaris
  • Subnautica
  • Subnautica: Below Zero
  • Universe Sandbox
  • Minecraft
  • War of The Worlds (by FlipSwitch Studios) (unreleased, but probably will be released as early access in 2023/2024; project worth tracking)
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • Darkwood (Warning: you SHOULDN’T play this if you’re under 18 or just very sensitive; contents might be traumatizing)
  • The Life Engine
  • NationStates
  • Sky: Children of the Light
  • Hearts of Iron IV

you play same here

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That’s pretty close to what games I would recommend.

Speaking of which, Victoria 3 is actually a pretty good game, and paradox games people should definitely play it.

My list

Yume Nikki (And their 83929249 fangames)
Theotown (With a lot of plugins of course)
Universe Sandbox (Earth goes bang and my PC goes Bang)
Terra Nil
Earth Royale
World History Simulator
Escaped Chasm
Cell Machine Mistic Mod+
Nameless cat
A better world

Haven’t seen this game mentioned so here
I really recommend that yall play Thrive
Its a free open source game about evolution
Where you evolve your species from the lowly tidepools of an alien planet and turn it into a thriving space empire
Right now its still in the early phase of development, so dont expect much from the current version
You can get it from the dev website
Or you can buy it from steam to donate some money to the project
There’s also the option of becoming a patron on their patrein


My recommendations:
The bibites
Just Shapes And Beats
Don’t starve together
Project Arrhythmia
Aperture Tag


Kerbal space program,

Kerbal space program 2 early access is going to release very soon too


I would have made this joke when I first saw this thread a couple of days ago if I hadn’t been feeling so lazy.


What exactly do you mean by world history simulator(please send a link)?
You play worldbox, and a better world?(Wow… you share a lot in common with me)
Though it kinda sucks that worldbox has not been updated for months…

My List

Oxygen Not Included
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Assassin’s Creed
DooM/Doom II/Doom 64/Doom (2016)/Doom Eternal

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I’d reccomend a game called aground!
Its demo is free, and you can find the full game on steam or other places

its a 2d survival story based game with different paths you can choose, or even both!

Funfact: Among Us Steam version can be played on MacOS via PlayOnMac. It works perfectly.

And we love Niko owo

More games:
skynet simulator
Incremancer- Kongregate

Anti-Idle (a Kongregate game)
Kerbal Space Program
Oxygen Not Included.