Wacky and Outlandish Future Game Ideas

Use this thread to post your weird and wacky ideas for thrive in the far future,
and I’m not just talking about any

Normal Ideas

Like animal noises or achievements

I mean stuff like

Crazy Ideas

Silicon based lifeforms, or creatures that live on the sun

By suggesting these, people can discuss whether or not they are actually possible!


Living spaceships that are sentient and are piloted through direct neural interfaces.
(You get 10 points if you get this reference)

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This is a very common Sci-fi trope though. I have seen at least 7 shows and 4 games that have this very thing…


What i have been thinking is something like in Space Engineers where different self controlled bases with loot in them could be implemented, which could be something fun for people who play the space stage in non strategy mode. (forgot what it was called)

Thanks for the points

Silver, if you necro a thread please at least try to add something to the discussion :slight_smile:
Like, its cool to have atcivity on the forum obviously but sometimes that which is dead must forever lie.
(10 points if you get that reference)

Also to @QuantumCrab
We are unlikely to tackle non-earthlike life to a significant extent until earthlike life works fine. (Except for occassioal things like thermoplasts which add boatloads of opportunities. (Though you can use earthlife like things to do non-earthlike things, for example to have a planet made of creatures that eat sulfur all you need is for all your mitochondria to be sulfur mitochondrion (a means of chemosynthesis). Which is totally doable.


H.P. Love craft right

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