Wacky Slam a Blam Game Screenshots

Ahoy hoy!
Here is a new thread you can use to post your super epic shmowzow game screenshots!
They can be anything from ‘moments before disaster’ to ‘uh oh, no atp! what a klutz!’


As no one responds ever… until NOW!

Who really plays Thrive be honest :joy:

Play once, reproduce once, then stop. That’s what I did, waiting on 0.4.0 now


This thread was so forgotten that I thought this was a entirely new thread when I saw it.

Thanks for the pointless necro I guess

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heres the only screenshot in this thread

(3.3 Beta)

Screenshots in 0.4.0 are prettier but seriously no hugenormous cell screenshots even?

Do u start with toxins vacuoles and whats the green thing

The “green thing” is a chloroplast, an organelle which converts 6 CO2 to 1 glucose and 6 O2
Also, you can obtain the toxin vacuole by eating the floating red things. (are they actually bacteria now?) (the same goes for chloroplast, but the things are green). This didn’t work in 0.3.4, (it did work in 0.3.3 and a couple versions below,) but if I remember correctly, in 0.4.0 it will be re-added

these screenshots are pretty spicy, I love the new gui

Here’s The Last Screenshot Of Thrive Before The Event

(Thrive 8.9.9 Circa 99999 AAD)

Seems legit Kappa

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