What features would you like to be added to the microbe stage?


(Untrustedlife) #21

And how does that work in the microbe stage?

(The Third Duke of Silly) #22

You see, that’s the hard part.

I don’t know.


Light is just non ionizing radiation. We could have different classes of light, some of which more or less intense than others which will also allow certain organisms to see certain kinds of light and perhaps even use them for synthesis.

(Steve) #24

Was this talk of radiation eating creature inspired by Godzilla or is that a weird coincidence?
Btw are we talking about nuclear radiation because doesn’t that kinda, destroy DNA?

(Untrustedlife) #25

We are talking about these:

Also, i have another idea i didn’t mention here:
Sulphur Mitochondria
Also, Some Organelle for respiration of Iron (yes its a thing irl)
For creatures with those they would have to swim around a pick up chunks of sulfur/Iron chunks in their environment , so they would be seeking out the chunks (thats how it works irl, you can see the big chunks in the creatures eating them) and us e those chunks to make ATP instead of , for exmaple, a cloud of glucose, this would make their gameplay fundamentally different then the usual, since they arent looking for clouds of glucose or other compounds, they are just swimming around picking up solid chunks of stuff in their environment. Of coruse they still need to gather some clouds (ammonia and phosphate for example), but it would change things up a bit.


I’m new and don’t really know what you guys have planned so far but parasitic tendencies would be fun to me but I think most parasitic or even symbiotic traits could be better served in multicellular gameplay. Reproducing in other cells as a form of protection and way to get free resources, maybe try to help the cell you infect survive just so you can survive (even symbiogenesis such as mitochondria being theorized to have been cells in their own right), sporozoites and cell bursting, all that jazz.

("Belgium isotope" "Achievement hunter" "King of badcalls") #27

If we were to add thermophiles (mostly bacteria, not necessarily microbe), I thought that cells would use sulfur instead of oxygen (2 valent electrons) or they would use sulfur and oxygenize it to produce sulfuric acid, which could be used as energy (substitute for atp; but would need a mutation to become resistant to lower pH).

(Untrustedlife) #28

I like that idea. We want different stars so it’s natural that different wavelengths of light exist.