What happens when you die?

I’m talking about extinction, when your animal dies it take a portion of it population with it right so what happens if you go extinct do you have to start the game over from scratch? that wouldn’t be a problem for microbe stage but would kinda suck if you where far into the game like almost to awakening and you go extinct or if your empire is destroyed and are forced to go back to a microbe in a new world.

I believe when you go extinct, you are automatically transferred control over a cousin species.

Say you were in control of the Neanderthals and you went extinct, you would be transferred control over Homo Sapiens.

If you don’t have a cousin species [either they went extinct or you never had any [which would be in the early microbe stage, probably]], then you’ll be given control over an npc species.

tl;dr you don’t restart, unless it’s a global extinction event, like a meteor impact or something.

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This is another candidate for different difficulty levels where maybe easy would always allow you to switch over to some species. Medium would only allow switching to cousin species and with hard you would lose if your species went extinct.


Maybe instead of having to start from the beginning, when you die in a certain stage, you should have to start from the point where you entered to that specific stage. To sum up, i would like to say that i´m only talking as a gameplay aspect, not biologically, so i could be terribly wrong with my judgment.

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Our goal is to not have specific stage boundaries so it would be a bit arbitrary to select the spot to save the game at. I guess it could work with the arbitrary boundaries that have been selected but that would maybe feel a bit weird to have restart at those points. We already have saving whenever you want.

personally I like the idea of going to your closest relative kinda like in Path of the Wild, or have them devolve one or two generations both as a punishment and to let them fix their fatal error

How would that work? Does the game have to store 2 previous generations of every species just in case the player switches to them and they would need to be “devolved”. While not completely undoable there are better uses for memory. Any other method would be totally arbitrary, like for example removing one random organelle.

no only their species that they where currently playing when they went extincted

Anyway your closest relative is a different species so they must have some mutations different from the player. So that makes it unnecessary to “devolve” them as they are already different from the player.

i was saying you go almost back in time (note your not actually going back in time) and lose everything you evolved with in one or two editing sessions. So your now using your previous species (a less evolved version of what you where playing) that would probably still be around. And if its not then you go to your closest relative and dont devolve, but i dont like the idea of going out of the same genus.