What is your story with Thrive?

I thought it would be interesting to share how each of us found this intriguing game and how it has affected you. I see many familiar faces on the forums and would love to hear your stories.

I’ll start. I found Thrive while searching for a "better spore mod.’ I came upon a steam forum where someone asked if Spore would receive a sequel, the forum, as with all steam discussions very quickly degraded to random gibberish and people yelling insults at each other the further you scrolled down. But one post caught my eye, someone had linked a youtube video called Thrive Promotional Video, I was immediately immersed and found my way to the Revolutionary Games website.

The more I read, the more excited I got, I became addicted to the idea of Thrive and started researching everything about it. I read Oliveriver’s article which led me digging even further through the game’s history, 2005 Spore showcase, 2009, Evolutions!, Sven, it was very good drama. Once I read just about everything relevant about the game, I decided to actually play the game (lol).

Let’s just say… it was not what I expected, at the time Thrive was in version 0.3.1, although I read from the FAQ that Thrive was largely incomplete, and logically I knew this was very impressive already compared to earlier versions, but subconsciously I still felt depraved. This was before the legendary progress explosion by hyyrylainen and untrustedlife and the github commits were weeks apart.

I wanted to help, but at the time I was maybe grade 6 on the piano? Everything I drew looked like balloons and the most advanced thing I ever did with programming was making a first person camera in Unity with the delicate art of dragging and dropping standard assets. I am above average at math, so I decided to improve upon my drag and dropping skillz.

I started learning C++, it was hard, but not the crazy monster-demon that people make it out to be, the hardest part for me was classes and pointers, to this day I cannot properly incorporate these things on a large scale into my code. But I progressed pretty fast due to my motivation from Thrive. I burnt myself out a few times, and even left the Thrive forums for months at one point. But I never left for good, I always came back each time I left. I never stopped programming though, I found other things to create and programming became a hobby.

Although not as explosive anymore, my enthusiasm for Thrive has never completely died, I really hope I can attain enough knowledge to contribute to it one day.

What is your story?


Nah yeah m8, kinda the same

I found it on some youtube video and mistook thrive for another game

Didn’t stop me from joining the thrive community.

How has it affected me? Not much, really.

My story could date quite a while back.

I was watching some old Spore forum posts and video comment sections debating what would be a successor to Spore, I eventually found debates on Thrive somewhere and was intrigued with the idea of an even more realistic Spore.

I then looked up a few gameplay videos of thrive, looked up the FAQ’s section on the revolutionary games website, and read tons of posts on the old Thrive forums. I had a ton of hope for the game despite it’s slow progress.

With having questions needed awnsering, I joined the new forums. (also making an account for the forum on my birthday, so theres that :grin:)

Oh, man. This dates a while back.

I had heard about Thrives development a long time ago, when I was still playing Spore. Spore at the time was one of my favorite games, but it began to grow stale as I went on with it. When I started hearing more about Thrive, I became intrigued by its concepts and ambitions. I look up “Thrive Game” on Youtube and the first thing is the OST for it.

I probably listened to ‘New Wilderness’, ‘Robocracy’, and ‘Robot March’ for about an hour. I enjoyed every bit of it, so I went to the Revolutionary Games website and found the wiki. After that, I went over to the wiki and started posting alien species crap. At the time, I was un-aware of the mass destruction I was causing to the wiki, and then someone messaged me, told me about the forums, and I found my place here. My original name was 'Keomais", then changed to ‘RoboRomb’ a month or so later. I had help from a few members around the site, and i’m now the member I am today here.

There you go, the story of my arrival to Thrive.

Mine was like @RoboRomb i played spore but i got bored so i went on youtube and searched spore like games and found Kinesis Thrive lets play. I followed the links and instaled Thrive, I had a lot of questions, i saw one live stream and asked, in the live stream they said to go tho the forum so i went and im here. I found Thrive in April or May this year and created an account for the forum in June 30 2018.

Actually, I wanted to make a game like Spore, but much more advanced and realistic. For some unknown reason, I found a video on youtube talking about the Spore Spiritual Successor and I was curious about it. I downloaded Thrive and tested it. I was fascinated about it, so I showed it to my chemistry and physics teacher and he was interested about it. That’s my story.

Did u make the game?

No I didn’t make the game, because I found out that someone else made it. (Thrive is the game I was looking for)


You should make something to get game development experience, or help with thrive :wink:

Cough cough cause they need all the help they can get cough cough

Yeah, I want to help. But I really need to have knowledge about general chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and genetics. For the programming side, I have some experience, not quite enough, but enough to continue learning C++ and web languages. For the gaming experience, I have more than enough to know how to balance realism and gameplay. But yeah, I’m about to finish reading my general chemistry book (I’ll make schematics about every notion to help myself program and remember notions). Then, I’ll start biochemistry and finally microbiology and genetics. In december, my school session will be done and I’ll have enough time to make my own version of Thrive (only the beginning + some new stages at the beginning) and send it to you.

Wouldn’t it be better for you to strive to join the team instead? I’m not trying to be offensive but what your saying is you’ll make something that can outdo at least 2 years of work by professional programmers and then send it to them?

It can be way harder to try to work with an existing codebase instead of doing a small game from scratch yourself. So if you don’t have any experience or just a little I recommend working on your own thing at first to get started.

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Shoutouts to Narotiza, his YouTube channel brought me here :joy: :joy:


Narotiza explained Thrive to me very precisely. Narotiza is the gate keeper.

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